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Helping organizations engage people and uncover insight from data to shape the products, services and experiences they offer
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Right solution for insurers to adopt telematics and realize better ROI


GeoLocus helps insurers realize more value from telematics, with a comprehensive solution from a global leader in business and technology services. GeoLocus is a cost-effective, highly scalable, hosted solution that helps insurers rapidly launch or augment telematics based UBI programs.



GeoLocus is an end-to-end insurance telematics solution including in-car device options, mobile apps, big data management, configurable driver scoring and driver portals.

Flexibility to Adapt to a Changing Landscape

GeoLocus offers best of breed device options from leading alliance partners and can integrate with any telemetry data source. GeoLocus lets drivers use their smartphones to collect driving data and provide feedback. This low cost data collection alternative offers accurate data capture and a powerful customer engagement tool which can stand alone or complement an installed device.

Scalability to Grow with Your Vision

GeoLocus provides a state of the art machine-to-machine (M2M) communications and big data management platform. It is built to support very large volumes of data, meet high performance requirements and integrate in-car device data with external data (maps, speed limits, weather) to identify significant events.

Engaging Driver Feedback and Insights

GeoLocus includes a configurable scoring model and optional services from Cognizant Analytics to refine the baseline model based on aggregated driving data, for more accurate risk segmentation and pricing. GeoLocus includes a Driver Portal to provide engaging driver feedback and an Insurer Portal with the data and insights insurers need to manage their program.

On Premise or Cloud Hosting

Solution is hosted on premise or in the cloud with Amazon Web Services (AWS), or with your preferred private infrastructure deployment option.


Video: How Code Halos Can Improve the Insurance Industry

A few minutes into the video, Kevin Kraft discusses how code halos and telematics are transforming the Insurance Industry.

Telematics Insurance Products

Our platform helps companies manage and use the data collected for usage-based insurance products, providing complex event processing, portals and mobile apps for customer feedback. In addition to a new rating variable and a better book of business for the company, policyholders receive a discount for good driving and a tangible relationship with their carrier.

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