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Cognizanti Volume 9, Issue 1

Progress on the Path to Digital Authenticity

This edition of Cognizanti explores the essence of what it means to be digital (think of a digital-to-the-core attitude and customer autonomy as critical operating constructs) and amplifies the role that the thoroughly modern CIO can play in helping organizations achieve progress, both from a leadership and “gig” economy point of view.


The First Word

Digital Reinvention Requires a Radical CIO Makeover

By Reshma Trenchil

To lead digital transformation, CIOs need to go beyond technology prowess and develop new work styles, people skills and political savvy to energize the organization for change.


Being Digital

Making Digital Real and Rewarding

By Rob Asen and Burkhard Blechschmidt

Businesses can “do” digital by focusing on isolated initiatives. But to truly “be” digital, they need to ensure they are digital to the core, and redefine the nature of customer centricity.



Jumping on the Gig Economy

By Gary Beach

As demand for digital talent reaches a crescendo, CIOs are increasingly embracing an Uber-like approach to filling key technical roles throughout their organizations.


Bots at the Gate

Intelligent Automation: Where We Stand — and Where We’re Going

By Matthew Smith

By seeing intelligent automation through a ‘do, think, learn’ and ultimately ‘adapt’ framework, businesses can begin benefiting from this powerful set of technologies now.


Foundational Technologies

Laying the Groundwork for a Platform Business

By Dharmesh Mistry and Stan Iyer

By building, buying or plugging into emerging business-technology platforms, organizations can discover new forms of value in the digital era. Here’s what enterprises need to know to create a foundation for platform success.



Making Dollars & Sense of the Platform Economy

By Anand Chandramouli

As market dynamics change, organizations must figure out how and where to plug and play with emerging platforms that create economies of scale and new forms of value.


Data Ethics

Return on Trust: The New Business Performance Indicator

By Manish Bahl

To succeed in today’s digital age, companies must think beyond dollars, cents and convenience, and focus on data ethics. As malfeasance, blunders and mishandling of consumers’ personal information reaches epic proportions, trust is the new battlefield for companies to seize the digital high ground, our latest research reveals.


Internet of Things

From Strategy to Action: Driving IoT to Industrial Scale

By Mary Murphy-Hoye

Full IoT value cannot be realized by connecting a few devices. Organizations need to get beyond instrumentation, and focus on the impact these technologies can have on their business strategies, which will require leadership, vision and partnership.


Connected Lives

Where Smart Vehicles Meet the Intelligent Road

By Rajaram Radhakrishnan & Prasad Satyavolu

The digital highway promises to enable an ever-expanding ecosystem encompassing intelligent transportation systems, smart cities and logistics systems, optimizing productivity and performance for businesses and individuals.


The Last Word

The 50-Year Journey to Digital Business

By Bruce J. Rogow

To make good on the promise of the digital age, established companies must master a veritable Rubik’s Cube of thorny challenges. The solution lies in understanding three key historical precedents and four perennial seasons of change.

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