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Helping organizations engage people and uncover insight from data to shape the products, services and experiences they offer
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CasKade – An Assurance Based Learning Solution

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Bridge the IT skills gap with Cognizant's CasKade—An assurance-based
learning framework.


CasKade® is Cognizant’s unique assurance based learning framework that assures skill improvement through a series of skill diagnostic assessments, customized curriculum for knowledge and skill building and its ability to certify the workforce.

The entire program consists of three main phases:


Skill gap assessment for the workforce.


Capability Development

Personalized, customized, spaced learning for workforce capability improvement.



Certifying the workforce through skill assessments, SMART goals tracking and SKI™ shifts.




Tailored Approach to Content Development

Most point solution vendors provide short duration training programs with a fixed curriculum for the entire work force. CasKade’s Diagnostics phase helps to find the skill gaps at an individual level. The results of the diagnostics phase point towards the key focus areas needed for every associate. The capability development phase then provides customized curriculum for every associate based on their key focus areas.

More Focus on Action Learning

Having good theoretical knowledge about some technology and applying that knowledge to real life projects are two different things. The CasKade learning journey focuses more on action learning. There are specialized skill‑based assessments that occur in the Diagnostics and Assurance phases. The Capability Development phase introduces action learning, hands-on lab sessions and case study solving. The primary motive of the program is to generate skills rather than just knowledge.

Spaced and Blended Learning Models

Long hours in a classroom lead to information overload for associates and exhaustion. It also means that learning retention is very low. CasKade’s learning journey is designed around the AGES (Attention, Generation, Emotion and Spacing) model of learning. This ensures that there are sufficient gaps between learning sessions for better retention. The learning delivery also happens through a blend of self‑paced and classroom‑based mediums. This makes certain that associates have time for their on‑going work commitments.


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Mapping the right employee to the right role based on their skills and competencies and bridging the skill gaps in your workforce are the two high priority goals on every CIO and CHRO’s agenda. Learn how you can achieve these goals with Cognizant's CasKade.

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