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Mainframe offloading solution that delivers up to 60% in cost savings with zero compromise on performance.



Mainframe-like performance at 60% of the cost

By offloading resource intensive data and applications, BIGFrame reduces the need for mainframes and the associated costs of hardware, software and service without sacrificing business‑critical performance.


Seamless performance with Syncsort and Cloudera

Syncsort’s DMX data integration is one of the fastest ETL tools available, integrating mainframe data and processes seamlessly with Hadoop, while Cloudera’s Enterprise Data Hub offers an elastic, unified, secure and open Hadoop ecosystem.

Automated offloading with web-based monitoring

BIGFrame completely automates the mainframe data offloading, which is web-based, parameterized and supports both parallelism and auto‑pipelining. Batch process offloading, however, is semi‑automated, whereby BIGFrame extracts rules into a template and helps migrate the applications to run on Hadoop.

Support for any data source

Apart from mainframes, BIGFrame supports non‑mainframe data sources such as databases, files, appliances, social media feeds, etc.



BIGFrame: Mainframe-like Performance with Superior Cost Benefits

BIGFrame simplifies migration of data and analytics applications to Hadoop and also accelerates optimization projects to achieve mainframe‑like performance at a much lower total cost of ownership (TCO) than Enterprise Data Warehouses (EDW).

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