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Boost your ROI

B2B ConfluxTM provides the speed, flexibility and scalability needed before and after on-boarding trading partners.


Faster and effective partner onboarding, scalability, ease of customization and optimum expenditure on B2B software are some of the areas that concern organizations doing B2B.

Cognizant developed our B2B/MFT tool B2B Conflux to address the issues faced by the organization to give the customer a robust—yet very customizable—B2B/MFT platform with the guarantee of a good ROI. It has been designed to provide the flexibility and scalability desired with a quick turnaround time.

Trading partner onboarding is made very simple and effective to help organizations to onboard their partners quickly while catering to their growing business needs. To address lack of visibility, B2B Conflux provides a solution with smart and customizable dashboards, logging and reporting.

It provides support for multiple data formats, and pre and post processing of data is possible to enable seamless integration with partners and back-end systems. Pre-developed domain specific templates such as Supplier Onboarding for Retail and Custodian Interface for Banking and Financial Services are also available and ready to for deployment.


Partner Management

  • Multiprotocol support – FTP, SFTP, HTTP, AS2, etc.
  • Secured communication channels: Encryption/Decryption
  • Compression/Decompression – zip-unzip, 7zip, Gzip, etc.

Data Transformation & Routing

  • Multi-format support- ANSI X12, EDIFACT, HIPAA, XML, CSV, flat files, SAP IDOCs and canonical formats
  • Content based routing is supported for standard industry formats and bypass mechanism for the proprietary formats.

Audit Tracking & Reprocessing

  • End-to-End tracking
  • Custom rule engine with orchestration to enable dynamic process design & plug and play feature
  • Retry and resending of documents in case of failure of delivery post fixing of errors


  • Dynamic & Customizable reports to help track the business
  • Smart dashboards


  • End-to-End visibility
  • Secure B2B communication with trading partners with guarantee of on time delivery
  • User friendly dashboards with a detail view of the B2B processes
  • Flexible deployment options: On premise/Cloud
  • Hassle free maintenance
  • Lower operational costs and higher ROI
  • Packaged solutions available for varying business needs
B2B Conflux™ | Enterprise Application Integration | Cognizant Technology Solutions