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February, 08, 2016

Cognizant Reports Fourth Quarter And Full Year 2015 Results


The Cognizant Difference

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Source‑to‑Pay: Advancing from Pure Cost Optimization to Value Generation
The majority of businesses treat their sourcing, procurement and payment (S2P) processes as non‑core functions. As a result, S2P does not receive the strategic or capital focus it deserves. By employing Cognizant's S2P Transformation Framework, global businesses can transform their S2P function from a mere support activity to a strategic business enabler that helps eliminate bottom‑line erosion, increase competitive strength and maintain the loyalty of customers and suppliers alike.
Feet on the Ground, Eyes on the Horizon: A Transformational Roadmap for the Heavy Equipment Industry
To stay relevant and overcome growth impediments in the dynamic global economy, industrial companies must focus on these five business imperatives.
Printing the Future: From Prototype to Production
Additive manufacturing (AM) such as 3-D printing heralds a new industrial revolution. We offer a framework for analyzing capabilities and implementing AM technologies to help you smoothly move from prototyping to volume production.
Automotive OEM Order to Delivery: A Contrarian View on Global Implementation Approaches and Benefits
Optimum global order to delivery (OTD) implementation for auto OEMs demands business and IT answer deep questions on the right approach, solution (market-specific or customized), metrics and KPIs, customer readiness, funding sources, functional components, governance structures, etc. We map out in detail the challenges OEMs will face in effecting such a program and a plan for dealing with such OTD hurdles.
Digital and Personal: Future‑Proofing Airport Operations and Services
By applying Code Halo™ thinking and the Internet of Things (IoT), airports can make meaning from the digital data generated by passengers, employees, devices and processes, enabling them to create highly personalized, "just in time" travel services, deepen insights across the airport value chain, tighten safety and security and grow revenue.
Mitigating Supply Chain Risk: Planning Around Port Disruptions
To reduce the business impact of U.S. port shutdowns, retailers need a framework to help them assess their global supply chain capabilities and make decisions that ensure a consistent supply of imported goods.


  • Transport Planning for a Packaging Material Manufacturer
  • Mobile based solution to provide flexibility in package delivery to consumers
  • End-to-End Solution for a Leading Trucking Company
  • Re-engineering Warehouse Management for a Cold Storage Chain

Reshaping Transport Planning for a Packaging Material Manufacturer

For a leading packaging material manufacturing company, we implemented the SAP Transportation Management (SAP TM) system globally. The SAP TM system was integrated with the company’s existing enterprise system. The result was configurable, rules-based and automated transport planning for the client.

The new system dynamically pushes orders and order changes into the transportation optimization and carrier selection planning process. It also tenders or retenders to its carriers based on detailed business rules that accommodate all possible ERP order changes.

  • Company can react swiftly to changes in demand.
  • Reduction in manual effort and processing errors.
  • Better compliance with routing guidelines.

Mobile Based Solution for Flexibility in Package Delivery to Consumers

For a top player in the Courier, Express, Parcel (CEP) industry, Cognizant helped implement their direct-to-retail strategy by providing an omni channel solution. The solution helps shippers and consumers choose the time slots and delivery locations for their shipments, which can be different from their home location. It supports 13 languages across 11 countries. Within the first few months of its pilot launch in the USA, over a million packets were delivered using the mobile application.

  • Improved customer experience and increased customer loyalty.
  • Optimized cost of operations due to driving efficiency in the package delivery process.
  • Real-time shipment visibility.

End-to-End Solution for a Leading Trucking Company

North America’s leading provider of premium truckload, brokerage and intermodal transportation services chose to use Cognizant’s Integrated Development Model to coordinate and execute more than 25 projects using teams in two different locations.

Projects included a box management tool, a pricing workbench and a system to determine the network value of moving loads to a particular lane. The latter tool is being used as a decision-making solution for planning the most efficient movement of loads.

  • Higher realization through automated order-to-cash cycle.
  • Globally consistent processes providing a single version of truth to business users.
  • Reduced overall IT costs with higher throughput.

Re-engineering Warehouse Management for a Cold Storage Chain

For a leading cold storage chain in the U.S., Cognizant provided full application management services for its Warehouse Management System (WMS). The WMS was already at the heart of our client’s business operations; however a fragmented system architecture and ad-hoc support processes had made the operations out-of-sync with market fluctuations. Cognizant provided the necessary domain expertise, along with mature delivery processes, that led to a far more responsive and cost-effective WMS foundation.

  • Shorter order-to-cash cycle time.
  • Improved customer on-boarding time.
  • Significantly reduced backlog of maintenance requests.
  • Reshaping Transport Planning for a Packaging Material Manufacturer
  • Mobile based solution to provide flexibility in package delivery to consumers
  • End-to-End Solution for a Leading Trucking Company
  • Re-engineering Warehouse Management for a Cold Storage Chain

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