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April, 15, 2015

Cognizant Funds 15 Maker Corps Sites to Train Making Facilitators Across U.S., Inspire Youth Interest in STEM


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Consulting & Solutions


Transforming SaaS Business Operations with Systems of Engagement
As independent software vendors (ISVs) increasingly adopt a software‑as‑a‑service (SaaS) delivery process, transitioning from perpetual license to a subscription model is fraught with challenges. To handle the shift, we recommend that ISVs adopt systems of engagement (SoE) to replace their existing systems of record (SoR) and we offer some guidance on how to get there.
Field Services Transformation: Leveraging Change Implementation
To remain relevant in today’s highly‑charged, competitive landscape, Communication Service Providers (CSPs) need a change management framework comprised of committed leaders and an engaged field services organization, to ensure positive outcomes, motivate field technicians and prevent the loss of valuable resources.
Employing Telematics to Transform Workers’ Compensation
Various pressures like heightened competition, rising costs and tougher regulations are compelling workers' compensation insurers to automate their systems, connect their people, processes and devices and distill accurate, real‑time information from the digital data that encircles people, processes, organizations and devices. Telematics‑technologies that integrate telecommunications and information can be the key to achieving these goals, all through a proactive, smarter, tightly connected environment.
Unlocking the 'Smart Home'
By following a blueprint, communication service providers can move beyond commodity services and deliver truly differentiated and profitable smart-life offerings.
Commonality Unleashed Across Functions and Industries
Semantics aside, the commonality or similarity, of processes and functions across industries and business sectors suggests that cross-pollination - or crossover - is a valid approach for addressing the talent gap many companies face.
Back to Basics for Communications Service Providers
Our latest primary research reveals how CSPs can distill meaning from consumers' digital trails to better understand which product and service innovations will resonate and drive growth.
Enterprise Voice Technology Solutions: A Primer
A basic guide to the technology and adoption steps of voice technology solutions for the enterprise, including interactive voice response (IVR), dictation, voice biometrics and speech analytics.
Wireless at a Crossroads
Wireless providers will need to adjust their strategies to accelerate innovation, cement customer relationships and improve operational efficiency to maintain revenue and profit growth.
Finding Your Place in the New World of Communications, Media and Entertainment
Distribution models are forcing communications, media and entertainment executives to participate in network platforms where their companies can contribute value and generate meaningful returns.
Build a Modern Social Enterprise to Win In the 21st Century
Business success will mean applying social, mobile, cloud and analytic technologies to first reform and then re-align, work processes with emerging digital value chains.


  • Large Cable Services Provider Moves to Cloud
  • Order Management for a Global Telecom Provider
  • Telco Handles Greater Call Volume Through BPO
  • Global Carrier Cuts Costs with OMaaS

Large Cable Services Provider Moves to Cloud

A large media and cable services provider engaged Cognizant to transition 46 unstructured, over-provisioned applications onto a flexible cloud environment. The resulting utilization gains generated a 35% cost savings.

Order Management for a Global Telecom Provider

When a global telecom provider engaged with us to streamline its order management workflow, we delivered 30 percent cost savings. This amounted to tens of millions of dollars over three years. We also transformed the client's order management process to automate 200,000 order exceptions per quarter, reducing handling time by 49 percent and cutting order cancellation rates to less than 3 percent.

Telco Handles Greater Call Volume Through BPO

The call centers of a North American telephone company were having trouble keeping up with the additional work required when customers called to add services. With Cognizant BPO, the company increased the efficiency of call handling and achieved a headcount savings of $3 million.

Global Carrier Cuts Costs with OMaaS

A global communications company chose Cognizant’s OMaaS to streamline order management and generate new levels of business performance. As a result, it was able to automate many manual processes, reduce order cancellation rates significantly and realize millions of dollars in additional revenue.

    Related business benefits include:

  • Automated more than 275,000 order exceptions
  • Closed three cost centers and reduced headcount significantly
  • Reduced total order management costs by 30 percent
  • Large Cable Services Provider Moves to Cloud
  • Order Management for a Global Telecom Provider
  • Telco Handles Greater Call Volume Through BPO
  • Global Carrier Cuts Costs with OMaaS

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