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February, 23, 2015

Cognizant to Present at the Morgan Stanley Technology, Media & Telecom Conference


The Cognizant Difference

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Accelerating Multiscreen Video Delivery
Consumers’ expectation is rising for highly visual and engaging content. Using a seasoned systems integrator and Agile methodology, organizations can effectively and quickly test and deploy multiscreen video delivery, thus meeting consumer expectations.
Using Ontology to Capture Supply Chain Code Halos
Manufacturers need to create a lingua franca that extends throughout the supply chain ecosystem, in order to generate insights from the digital data encircling their employees, partners, processes and customers.
Gamification 3.0: The Power of Personalization
Gamification is applied in virtually every industry, yet remains remarkably unsophisticated. Gamification 3.0 is the next level of gamification -- combining the power of big data, behavioral insights and elements of psychology and neurosciences to motivate users to advance their personal and professional goals -- all in the context of their personality, emotions, habits and activities.
Maximizing Benefits via a Scoring Framework for Location-Based Services
With location-based services (LBS) growing meteorically, we offer assessment formulas for measuring completeness, correctness and coherence in the associated business databases.
How Healthy Is Your SaaS Business?
For independent software vendors (ISVs), measuring success in their software-as-a-service (SaaS) ventures involve assessing business growth, cash flow and profitability. We offer a set of key performance indicators (KPIs) and benchmarking guides that in near-real time reveal true business direction.
Transforming Test Automation: An Unconventional Approach to Shift-Left by Removing Scripting from the Equation
Conventional test automation approaches are often suboptimal because of their dependency on user interface readiness and the high cost of script development and maintenance. A scriptless approach can help overcome these challenges by providing greater agility to test automation teams.
A New Approach to Application Portfolio Assessment for New-Age Business-Technology Requirements
SMAC technologies are propelling new business models, requiring an application portfolio assessment that considers the necessary capabilities and processes to enable effective digital business transformation.
Commonality Unleashed Across Functions and Industries
Semantics aside, the commonality or similarity, of processes and functions across industries and business sectors suggests that cross-pollination - or crossover - is a valid approach for addressing the talent gap many companies face.
Back to Basics for Communications Service Providers
Our latest primary research reveals how CSPs can distill meaning from consumers' digital trails to better understand which product and service innovations will resonate and drive growth.
Enterprise Voice Technology Solutions: A Primer
A basic guide to the technology and adoption steps of voice technology solutions for the enterprise, including interactive voice response (IVR), dictation, voice biometrics and speech analytics.


  • Modernized IT Architecture Results in Greater Scale
    and Agility
  • Resolving Growing User Support Demands

Modernized IT Architecture Results in Greater Scale and Agility

To stay ahead of changing customer demands and steady growth, an ecommerce company engaged with us to develop a scalable IT architecture using an Agile/Scrum process that could facilitate on-the-fly product catalog and feature additions. The new system increased product development and support capabilities and provided the ability to keep pace with evolving best practices in software engineering. DOWNLOAD PDF

Resolving Growing User Support Demands

For a global software provider, we supplied the people and skills to handle lower-priority application support requests among its roughly 7,000 end users around the world.Our client accomplished this by establishing an SLA guaranteed to resolve 90% of support issues within seven days, thanks to planning and reporting tool that helps IT service managers cross-train team members and generate reports. DOWNLOAD PDF

  • Modernized IT Architecture Results in Greater Scale
    and Agility
  • Resolving Growing User Support Demands

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