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Optimizing Software Supply Chains
Technology companies must view product development as a software supply chain, identifying the complexities of multiple business models and introducing a framework to mitigate risk.
How Tech Companies Can Engage with Customers Using Social CRM
For technology companies, adopting social CRM is critical for better understanding consumer preferences and responding with offers and services that meet their needs.
Why Tech Companies Must Embrace a 360-Degree Perspective
Tech companies face unique security issues; breaches impact their products and services as well as their enterprise assets. What is the best approach for handling these challenges?
How High Technology Companies Will Benefit from Finance & Accounting Business Process Outsourcing
Learn more about how partnering with an F&A specialist brings an immediate cost advantage and capability improvement.
Transforming the Business Through Large-scale Product Implementation
There are multiple facets to the success of an extensive IT product implementation. Learn about our framework and key considerations for managing such a program.
DevOps Best Practices: Combine Coding with Collaboration
To implement DevOps, "soft skills" pay a key role along with the integrated tools for enabling the platform. We offer best practices and tool suggestions for implementing DevOps.
How DevOps Drives Real-Time Business Growth
Merging application development and operations functions - known as DevOps - is a powerful method of accelerating products, deriving actionable insights and ensuring agility. We offer a primer that includes suggestions on how to derive the most value from DevOps tools.
Optimizing XaaS
Transitioning to everything as a service, or XaaS, provision requires technology companies to adjust to subscription based revenue models, which come in a variety of flavors. We provide a guide to the type of modifications entailed in making the shift.
Maximizing the Business Value of Connected Devices by Transforming the CIO's Role
With the vast proliferation of connected devices and smart devices, high-tech manufacturers can gain customers, increase loyalty and grow their product lines through the empowerment of CIOs, who are best-suited to take the lead in managing connected-device strategy. The other keys are desigjning a suitable IT infrastructure and entitlement management to best leverage connected and smart device data.
Periodic Reassessment, Continuous Improvement of Finance Operations
A well-considered and executed transformation roadmap can help finance keep pace with emerging technologies and service delivery models, as well as advance key business objectives.


Modernized IT Architecture Results in Greater Scale and Agility

To stay ahead of changing customer demands and steady growth, an e-commerce company engaged with us to develop a scalable IT architecture using an Agile/Scrum process that could facilitate on-the-fly product catalog and feature additions. The new system increased product development and support capabilities and provided the ability to keep pace with evolving best practices in software engineering. DOWNLOAD PDF

Resolving Growing User Support Demands

For a global software provider, we supplied the people and skills to handle lower-priority application support requests among its roughly 7,000 end users around the world. Our client accomplished this by establishing an SLA guaranteed to resolve 90% of support issues within seven days-thanks in part to using a planning and reporting tool that helps IT service managers cross-train team members and generate reports. DOWNLOAD PDF

  • Modernized IT Architecture Results in Greater Scale
    and Agility
  • Resolving Growing User Support Demands