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February, 08, 2016

Cognizant Reports Fourth Quarter And Full Year 2015 Results


The Cognizant Difference

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Our Approach

  • Supply Chain Transformation Services

    By combining industry best practices and the latest supply chain and cloud solutions, our supply chain experts help you reduce manufacturing lead times, increase asset utilization, streamline processes and collaborate better with partners and suppliers.

    Supply Chain Planning Services

    To unlock additional value from your supply chain, we help you create or refine strategic and tactical plans for purchasing, manufacturing, distribution and other areas of your business. We focus on plans that can be implemented quickly, drawing on our expertise in demand planning and forecasting, production planning, inventory planning, distribution and e-commerce.

    Supply Chain Execution

    Warehousing, transportation and manufacturing execution are complex processes that can dramatically affect customer service, brand image and the bottom line. We help simplify this complexity with technology solutions from leading vendors such as SAP, Oracle, JDA Software, Microsoft and Manhattan Associates. With our supply-chain expertise and vertical market experience, we help you evaluate, select and implement solutions that add business value and agility.
  • Solution Accelerators and Frameworks

      Our supply chain frameworks are pre-built software components that leverage industry best practices and accelerate time-to-value for many projects.
    • mPAD Enterprise Mobility. Mobile Pickup and Delivery (mPAD) is our end-to-end solution for mobile consignment management, providing real-time visibility into pickup and delivery operations.
    • Logistics Performance Manager (LPM). Helps organizations measure logistics and transportation performance using frameworks and tools that work across platforms.
    • SAP Transportation Management (TM). Extends SAP TM to help simplify transportation and logistics processes by increasing the transparency and ease of moving information across the supply chain.
    • STEER Framework. This all-encompassing, cross-platform, transportation diagnostic framework provides insights into your transportation and supply chain landscape.
    • Yardelligent. Cognizant's yard management system that provides complete end-to-end management of vehicle yards-from vehicle entry to exit.

Industry Solutions

Adept supply chain management is increasingly important for consumer goods companies competing in the global economy.

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Serialization: Driving Business Value Beyond Compliance
Serialization and track-and-trace capabilities are not just useful for meeting regulatory compliance mandates; pharmaceutical companies can also explore their use to improve supply chain planning and operations, elevate patient engagement, and increase sales and marketing effectiveness.
Mitigating Supply Chain Risk: Planning Around Port Disruptions
To reduce the business impact of U.S. port shutdowns, retailers need a framework to help them assess their global supply chain capabilities and make decisions that ensure a consistent supply of imported goods.
Rewiring Supply Chain Networks
By embracing the latest modeling and simulation techniques, organizations can more accurately forecast true capacity, identify and eliminate bottlenecks and develop optimal solutions for their supply chains.
Orchestrating a Supply Chain Competitive Edge
An effective supply chain is the key to creating business value. This paper will help you benchmark your performance today and take a methodical organizational approach to improving your supply chain effectiveness.
Using Ontology to Capture Supply Chain Code Halos
Manufacturers need to create a lingua franca that extends throughout the supply chain ecosystem, in order to generate insights from the digital data encircling their employees, partners, processes and customers.
Supply Chain Management of Locally-Grown Organic Food: A Leap Toward Sustainable Development
With the organic food market growing rapidly worldwide, supply chain issues loom large in farmers' ability to provide organic produce and meats. Some key issues include accountability and traceability, reducing time to market, controlling food mileage, better integration of supply chains with small farms as well as industrial organics and enhancing value delivery networks and value chains.
Cognizant SAP Manufacturing Success Report 2014
In 2014, the UK manufacturing sector will grow by 2.7% compared to 2.4% for the economy overall. This report highlights factors that will accelerate growth and discusses the importance of interconnectedness as a success driver.
Reverse Logistics: The Way Forward (Part 1 of 2)
Although reverse logistics is often overlooked, retailers that master this discipline can gain competitive differentiation and turn the tables on pure-play e-commerce goliaths.
Reverse Logistics: The Way Forward (Part 2 of 2)
Although reverse logistics is often overlooked, retailers that master this discipline can gain competitive differentiation and turn the tables on pure-play e-commerce goliaths.
Reducing the Bullwhip Effect via Market Research-Gleaned Insights
Surveys, focus groups and interviews can identify the sources of costly variations in demand signals up and down the supply chain.

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