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January, 27, 2016

Cognizant Acquires KBACE Technologies to Enable Clients to Accelerate Journey to Cloud and Improve Business Agility


The Cognizant Difference

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Organizations today can purchase everything from software to infrastructure, platforms and entire business processes as a service. This new approach leverages public or private clouds, as well as the virtualization of technology and shifting work processes to trusted third-party partners. It allows organizations to buy only what they need when they need it, reducing their costs. For instance, respondents to a recent College of Healthcare Information Management Executives study anticipate IT cost reductions of 9%, which translates into $11 billion in IT savings for U.S. providers over the next three years.

Leading adopters find that the greatest benefit of this new approach is not only reduced costs from the use of offshore labor and automation, but also greater agility to address changing business needs. The new approach also allows IT to focus scarce skilled personnel, time and money on the most business-critical activities while outsourcing the rest.


Working with customers worldwide, we have found that delivering IT as a service can achieve the following benefits:

  • Faster deployment. With no software to download, purchase or register, software as a service (SaaS) apps can be quickly and easily facilitated. What's more, configuration is typically faster and easier than with traditional software.
  • More responsive to market needs. A service-oriented approach enables more dynamic deployment of IT resources, helping the enterprise meet immediate market opportunities and challenges.
  • Better ROI. A service-oriented approach promotes reuse, reducing application development costs. And as a result of their pay-per-use billing models, services shift infrastructure costs from expensive capital expenditures to more flexible operating expense budgets.
  • A more productive workforce. Fast delivery of new functionality allows knowledge workers to work more efficiently and productively. Companies can boost profits and generate a better return on their IT investments.

A services business model offers many advantages over traditional on-premises software, but companies should still proceed with caution. For example, ensuring that each service is being monitored and managed effectively is key to a successful implementation.

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