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March, 24, 2015

Tryg Selects Cognizant to Streamline Finance & Accounting Processes, Strengthen Financial Reporting, and Improve Customer Care


The Cognizant Difference

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Our Approach

  • Quality Assurance Services

    Services designed to elevate a quality assurance organization to best-in-class status.
  • Testing Infrastructure Services

    We help set up your own testing infrastructure to ensure ongoing quality assurance.
  • Engineering Services

    A full set of engineering QA services for those with specialized hardware or software to bring to market.
  • QA Products

    Using tools based on a unified QA framework, you can enforce best practices, standardize processes and leverage cloud, mobility and social platforms.


Solution Spotlight
Sponsored by Cognizant, this white paper by IDC focuses on the rise of the 3rd platform, the challenges this is creating and the impact this is having on the current approach to QA and testing.
Compliance is a major driver of the QA function in business today, in industries such as those listed below.


Strengthening the Quality of Big Data Implementations
The increasing volume of big data has also increased the need to assure the quality of these critical assets. It is now essential for organizations to deploy customizable testing platforms and frameworks. An open, robust validation framework like Hadoop can significantly improve high‑volume big data testing.
Cognizant Named as “Market Leader” in Ovum Decision Matrix: Selecting an Outsourced Testing Service Provider 2014-15
Cognizant has been recognized as “Market Leader” in Ovum Decision Matrix on Outsourced Testing Service Providers. According to the report, Cognizant stands out for how it articulates the implications of end-to-end responsibility and aligns them with organizational issues around testing services.
Accelerating Multiscreen Video Delivery
Consumers’ expectation is rising for highly visual and engaging content. Using a seasoned systems integrator and Agile methodology, organizations can effectively and quickly test and deploy multiscreen video delivery, thus meeting consumer expectations.
Deliver Trusted Data by Leveraging ETL Testing
We explore how extract, transform and load (ETL) testing with SQL scripting is crucial to data validation and show how to test data on a large scale in a streamlined manner with an Informatica ETL testing tool.
Improving Speed to Market in E‑commerce
By focusing on organizational enablers and robust software engineering practices, e‑commerce companies can shorten the development lifecycle, outmaneuver the competition and remain relevant in the eyes of customers.
Making Data Quality a Way of Life
We offer a guide to change management that enables data quality throughout the organization and a sample operational data quality scorecard. This helps making operational data quality a way of life in your enterprise, from data origination of data sources to transformation.
Building a Robust Big Data QA Ecosystem to Mitigate Data Integrity Challenges
With big data growing exponentially, the need to test semi-structured and unstructured data has risen; we offer several strategies for big data quality assurance (QA), taking into account data security, scalability and performance issues. Our recommendations center around data warehouse testing, performance testing and test data management.
Cloud CRM's Evolution and Impact on QA
Cloud-based applications such as customer relationship management (CRM) systems require a testing approach suitable to this platform. We offer such a model, using as one of our examples.
Transforming Test Automation: An Unconventional Approach to Shift-Left by Removing Scripting from the Equation
Conventional test automation approaches are often suboptimal because of their dependency on user interface readiness and the high cost of script development and maintenance. A scriptless approach can help overcome these challenges by providing greater agility to test automation teams.
Multidimensional Challenges and the Impact of Test Data Management
Test data management (TDM) is vital for quality assurance (QA) functions to best handle the many challenges associated with data security, release management, batch processing, data masking and fencing.


  • UAT for a Global Financial Services Provider
  • Testing for a Fortune 500 Manufacturer
  • Quality System for an Airline
  • Accelerate Your Time to Market with Cognizant Product Testing Solutions

UAT for a Global Financial Services Provider

Engaged as a strategic partner to establish a centralized UAT for a diversified financial services provider, Cognizant standardized testing systems and helped the organization save 65 percent on end-to-end UAT and 70 percent on test design. The rate of defects leaking into production fell to near zero. DOWNLOAD PDF

Testing for a Fortune 500 Manufacturer

Prior to engaging Cognizant, software testing was managed at the project-level with no formal process, methodology, tools, metrics collection, or reporting. Cognizant helped the organization set up an offshore managed test center, and delivered well-defined software testing processes, including process roadmaps, estimation models, and automation standards. Overall software testing costs dropped by 50 percent. DOWNLOAD PDF

Quality System for an Airline

A consistent and enterprise-wide system for QA and quality control audits being a mandate, Cognizant created a Web-based application to handle the testing functions from a central database. The application reduced errors, improved auditing efficiency, and enabled faster regulatory responses. DOWNLOAD PDF

Accelerate Your Time to Market with Cognizant Product Testing Solutions

We have the tools, team and test accelerators (as hosted, platform or installed software) to overcome all testing challenges faced during a product's lifecycle. DOWNLOAD PDF

  • UAT for a Global Financial Services Provider
  • Testing for a Fortune 500 Manufacturer
  • Quality System for an Airline
  • Accelerate Your Time to Market with Cognizant Product Testing Solutions

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