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November, 05, 2015

Cognizant to Present at the 2015 Wells Fargo Technology, Media & Telecom Conference


The Cognizant Difference

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Consulting & Solutions

Learn more about our pre-built solutions and consulting services well suited to M&E companies.
Solution Spotlight
Custom built content ecosystem to streamline your workflows for content creation, management, distribution and consumption.


Consumer Halo in Media and Entertainment
‘Code Halos’ creates massive opportunities for entertainment companies not only to create tailored entertainment experiences, but also to deliver them more precisely and efficiently than ever before. 
Selecting a Software Solution: 13 Best Practices for Media and Entertainment Companies
When selecting commercial off-the-shelf software (COTS), companies in the increasingly digitally-based media and entertainment industry need to develop a detailed advance plan, obtain support from all stakeholders and continuously monitor vendor performance against critical expectations, best practices and business requirements.
Key Factors to Consider When Hosting DAM in the Cloud
Detailed evaluation of various digital asset management (DAM) hosting service models - such as infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and software as a service (SaaS) - including costs, advantages and disadvantages, a set of prospective questions for DAM vendors and a use case example.
A Blueprint for DAM, MAM Cost Avoidance
Computing the ROI for an organization adopting a media asset management (MAM) or digital asset management (DAM) system is best done by computing cost avoidances. We offer a model and framework for calculating such cost avoidances associated with MAM/DAM systems, including cost bases and factors, covering the areas of distribution, reuse, management, storage and infrastructure.
Using Compression Techniques to Streamline Image and Video Storage and Retrieval
A guide to the use of compression in storing, retrieving and transmitting digital media content, as divergent uses and business purposes mean variable intra-frame and inter-frame image compression techniques are called for.
Using Gamification to Build a Passionate and Quality-Driven Software Development Team
Gamification techniques are increasingly playing a huge role in software development - to motivate team members, reduce the cost of quality, reward high achievers and more. We suggest you begin software gamifying with project management, innovation, the software-development training process and delivery.
The Rise of DAMification
In recent years, the need to manage digital assets has become critical-compelling organizations to focus more on how digital asset management (DAM) systems can be leveraged across the digital supply chain, rather than simply archived. DAMification employs DAM concepts and systems to automate, integrate and enhance workflows, processes and applications‑all within an adaptable, technology‑agnostic framework that utilizes best-of-breed solutions and supports positive business growth.


In today’s world of media and entertainment, change is
fast and furious.The best way to adapt is to use a disciplined,
structured business and IT approach that segments the work
that needs to be done into logical phases. LEARN MORE

To better manage growing volumes of digital content,
often spread on multiple systems with inefficient search
and retrieval, service solutions and the cloud can
provide a cost-effective approach. LEARN MORE

  • Business Transformation
  • IT as a Service


  • Transforming Global Human Resources Processes at Macmillan Science and Education
  • Top Agency Adopts assetSERV Digital Asset Management
  • Proven Results from our Broadcasting Clients
  • Entertainment Company Goes Digital
  • Making Publishing More Productive

Transforming Global Human Resources Processes at Macmillan Science and Education

Cognizant leads a global Oracle HCM Cloud implementation to give science and education publisher a single view of data for effective HR management. DOWNLOAD PDF

Top Agency Adopts assetSERV Digital Asset Management

When one of the advertising world’s most storied agencies needed to replace its hosted digital asset management system, it chose Cognizant assetSERV. The agency’s 12,000 global users are now migrating to assetSERV. With the new DAM system, the agency’s offices around the world can tailor client materials to meet regional needs. Through assetSERV, the agency has also gained sophisticated Web analytics and reporting capabilities.

Proven Results from our Broadcasting Clients

The sports division of a major broadcaster needed to consolidate and streamline access to the large volume of content it uses on a weekly basis. We developed a media asset management system that enabled producers to search metadata from a wide variety of sources and review video assets from the desktop. The system has enabled the group to move to HD broadcasting much faster than before.

  • Asset management system helped producers search multiple sources
  • Accelerated the move to HD broadcasting

Entertainment Company Goes Digital

We delivered a complete end-to-end digital supply chain solution for a major entertainment client. The solution supports scenarios for managing requests, content creation, packaging, delivery, billing, reporting and managing digital assets. It also provides opportunities for tracking KPIs and improving efficiencies through automation of business rules and workflows.

  • Supply chain solution streamlines asset requests, packaging, delivery and billing
  • Automatically tracks KPIs
  • Improves efficiency by automating business rules and workflows

Making Publishing More Productive

To help a publishing company better manage the many different layout and content requirements for its clients, we implemented a common digital asset management platform and related technologies. The resulting system streamlined operations associated with the custom publishing of books and textbook materials, created more efficient process flows, and expanded the client’s ability to store and reuse digital assets.

  • Transforming Global Human Resources Processes at Macmillan Science and Education
  • Top Agency Adopts assetSERV Digital Asset Management
  • Proven Results from our Broadcasting Clients
  • Entertainment Company Goes Digital
  • Making Publishing More Productive

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