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February, 08, 2016

Cognizant Reports Fourth Quarter And Full Year 2015 Results


The Cognizant Difference

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Enterprise Information Management (EIM) Services

    From strategy to delivery, our EIM practice offers:
    • Strategic, advisory and management consulting across Enterprise Information Management, business intelligence and analytics.
    • Strategic, advisory and implementation services for next‑generation technologies such as Big Data analytics, mobile and cloud BI.
    • Enterprise performance management solutions spanning business strategy and enterprise metrics definitions.
    • End-to-end information management services including data management, data integration, data quality and data governance.

    Semantic Capabilities

      For the first time, organizations can match operational agility and time-to-value with the velocity of today's business environment. We bring unique capabilities to the enterprise that drive a new level of dynamic speed and confidence, such as:
      • Extensible Ontologies: Allowing multi-tiered users to easily add or modify data descriptions as they learn more about the data and discover new relationships.
      • Linked Data: Exposed, shared and connected data that enables organizations to rapidly use their independent databases without the need for subject expertise and without the need to agree on standardized decision‑support platforms and data formats.
      • Embedded expert knowledge: Subject matter experts (SMEs) can infuse their expertise right into the data, allowing users to perform analysis and produce reports without the need for specialized domain expertise.
      • Provenance: Provides information to the user about the origin of the data and how it was processed, increasing both organizational trust in its data and the results it presents.

      Data to Foresight (D2F)

        Data to Foresight (D2F) is an end-to-end information management solution from Cognizant that integrates EIM and advanced analytics service delivery in a hosted environment. Benefits include:
        • Delivers industry standards and custom built analytics relevant to specific needs of business users, thereby reducing discrepancy in enterprise-wide analysis.
        • Provides consistent and up-to-date information and assists in comparison of past trends with current data to make timely future predictions.
        • Ensures accuracy of foresight by maintaining consistent information throughout the evolution of data.


        Our EIM experts discuss industry trends, perspectives and solutions to guide your information management journey.
        BigDecisions Business Solution Platform
        Cognizant’s BigDecisions Business Solutions Platform enables organizations to meet dynamic and ever-changing business demands through sophisticated BI & Analytics. Learn how BigDecisions’ relevant business applications and core platform can provide intuitive insights and rapid value to your business.
        BIGFrame – Mainframe-like Performance with 70% Cost Savings… or more.
        Cognizant’s BIGFrame solution, jointly developed with Cloudera and Syncsort, helps organizations migrate applications from high-cost mainframe environments to cost effective and high performance enterprise Hadoop platforms. Learn how BIGFrame can help your company deliver superior cost benefits without sacrificing business critical performance.
        Enterprise Performance Management
        Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) is a set of processes and applications designed to translate the business strategy to KPIs and to measure, analyze and predict organization performance. Learn how Cognizant EIM can add value to your business by focusing on how your organization develops, implements and monitors its strategic plans.
        Cognizant’s proprietary information management solution is an integrated platform that blends collaboration, value creation, workflow automation, process orchestration and knowledge management.
        Enterprise Data Clarity
        Visionary organizations view data as a valuable asset and make information-based business decisions. Poor data clarity undermines decisions and stifles investment results. Learn how Cognizant’s Enterprise Data Clarity (EDC) can help you towards continuously improving the health of your enterprise-wide data and decisions.
        Data Governance: An Implementation Reality Check
        Lack of governance can be the root cause of many organizational issues. In this white paper, learn more about what tends to happen when organizations begin prioritizing data governance and how expert recommendations can translate into business value.

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