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January, 27, 2016

Cognizant Acquires KBACE Technologies to Enable Clients to Accelerate Journey to Cloud and Improve Business Agility


The Cognizant Difference

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BI Services

    To help clients meet the demands of today and plan for tomorrow, we offer the following services:
    • Business Strategy and Enterprise Metrics: Enterprise information management strategy and roadmap development, business information health assessments, business case development, platform and tool evaluations, architecture definition and enterprise metrics management.
    • Business Process Application: Event monitoring, BI adoption, organizational deployment and user empowerment.
    • BI Capabilities: BI rationalization and consolidation, data visualization and analytic applications development, BI Center of Excellence, cloud reporting.
    • Analytic Applications: Enterprise analytics services, industry solutions and web analytics.
    • Information Infrastructure: Data modeling, data architecture, data integration Center of Excellence, master data management, metadata management, data quality management, data warehouse performance improvement, design and development, quality assurance and auditing and data governance.

    Analytics and BI Industry Solutions

      Our focus on innovation and business processes is underscored by a host of industry-specific solutions. These solutions can accelerate time-to-market by employing features such as built-in data models, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and executive dashboards. We have ready-to-deploy solutions for the following industries:
      • Banking and Financial Services
      • Insurance
      • Life Sciences
      • Healthcare
      • Manufacturing & Logistics
      • Retail
      • Hospitality
      • Energy & Utilities
        We also recognize the importance of personalization, community and context-aware Business Intelligence. Our “Behavioral BI” (BBI) platform can integrate multiple BI systems and provide sharing, commentary and customization into the BI experience. This increases adoption, knowledge sharing and value discovery.


      Our business intelligence experts discuss industry trends, perspectives and solutions to guide your business intelligence journey.
      Giving BI a Human Touch
      By aligning your business vision with desired business behavior, we take technology and service enablement to the next level. Cognizant provides a unified and human-centric solution that provides users with customized and credible information, business continuity and behavioral BI (BBI).
      Harnessing the Power of BI with Enterprise Analytics Consulting Services
      Many organizations create multiple, uncoordinated and tactical business intelligence implementations that result in silos of people, process and technology. Learn how Cognizant's Business Consulting arm creates strategies that last and transform your business.
      Behavioral BI
      Cognizant’s transformational concept, Behavioral Business Intelligence, addresses four key problem areas by improving the experience at all BI-user interaction points. Behavioral BI takes technology & service enablement to the next frontier by impacting ‘end-user experience’ and molding itself to individual decision-making behaviors.
      Mobile BI
      On-the-go decision making is quickly becoming a competitive necessity as we progress to a more global and virtual business environment. Learn how Cognizant’s out-of-the-box mobile BI solution can help your organization make decisions at the speed of business.

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