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February, 23, 2015

Cognizant to Present at the Morgan Stanley Technology, Media & Telecom Conference


The Cognizant Difference

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Our Approach

The use of social, mobile, analytics and cloud technologies (SMAC) is already enabling visionary enterprises to work in more collaborative and real-time ways. Analytics extract meaning from your data to deliver transformative insights and value. Whether through analytical models, systems integration or Big Data analytics and strategic consulting, we can help you make the best possible business decisions.
  • Customer, Risk and Operations Analytics

    Use customer, risk and operations analytics to turn existing data into predictive knowledge that drive business outcomes.
  • Business Intelligence

    By combining BI & analytics frameworks and defining strategy and solution architecture, we will help you solve problems and deliver answers.
  • Big Data

    We have a reputation for bringing extensive value to Big Data, from business strategy to architectural integration to delivery excellence.
  • Enterprise Information Management

    We integrate the enterprise and accelerate value through advanced data management strategies and solutions.

Industry Solutions

At Cognizant, we leverage the best resources and vast capabilities of our global delivery system to help you run better and run different.
Code Halos – Bigger Business Analytics, Better Business Results
The digital data that surrounds people, organizations and things is creating unique virtual identities. Learn how Cognizant is helping future-ready businesses dominate their sectors by harnessing and acting upon the information swirling around their customers, products, suppliers, employees – and even their own brands.
BIGFrame – Mainframe-like Performance with 70% Cost Savings… or more.
Cognizant’s BIGFrame solution, jointly developed with Cloudera and Syncsort, helps organizations migrate applications from high-cost mainframe environments to cost effective and high performance enterprise Hadoop platforms. Learn how BIGFrame can help your company deliver superior cost benefits without sacrificing business critical performance.
BigDecisions Business Solutions Platform
Cognizant’s BigDecisions Business Solutions Platform enables organizations to meet dynamic and ever-changing business demands through sophisticated BI & analytics. Learn how BigDecisions’ relevant business applications and core platform can provide intuitive insights and rapid value to your business.
nXg Device Analytics — Predict, Reduce and Optimize
Learn how Cognizant's nXg Device Analytics solution can help predict device performance, reduce service disruption and optimize device delivery for operational performance.
Behavioral BI
Cognizant’s transformational concept, Behavioral Business Intelligence, addresses four key problem areas by improving the experience at all BI-user interaction points. Behavioral BI takes technology & service enablement to the next frontier by impacting ‘end-user experience’ and molding itself to individual decision-making behaviors.
Cognizant’s integrated Social Media Analytics and Reporting Tool (iSMART) provides customizable, scalable and real-time social media analytics and intelligence. Learn how iSMART can help your organization gain mobile-ready and fully integrated insights into customers, competitors and campaigns.

Our Latest Thinking

Strengthening the Quality of Big Data Implementations
The increasing volume of big data has also increased the need to assure the quality of these critical assets. It is now essential for organizations to deploy customizable testing platforms and frameworks. An open, robust validation framework like Hadoop can significantly improve high-volume big data testing.
The Future of Retail is ‘Here’ and ‘Now’
To remain competitive in today's real-time world, retailers need to more effectively read and respond to consumers' digital fingerprints or Code Halos, to anticipate their preferences and needs and deliver contextually-relevant, timely and inspiring shopping experiences.
Future-Proofing Insurance: Deepening Insights, Reinventing Processes and Reshaping Services
Insurance carriers face an imminent sea change in how their mission-critical processes remain efficient, agile and innovative. Ensuring relevance in the future requires redefined business models fueled by heightened productivity across “business as usual” activities.
Using Advanced Analytics, Drug Makers Reach Decision-Makers More Effectively
By analyzing digital footprints, pharma companies can better identify key influencers throughout their integrated delivery networks.
Gamification 3.0: The Power of Personalization
Gamification is applied in virtually every industry, yet remains remarkably unsophisticated. Gamification 3.0 is the next level of gamification -- combining the power of big data, behavioral insights and elements of psychology and neurosciences to motivate users to advance their personal and professional goals -- all in the context of their personality, emotions, habits and activities.
Asian Private Banks: How to Embrace Digital Transformation
As Asian investors increasingly use social, mobile and analytics technologies for their wealth management needs, private banks must take a digital approach to more effectively deliver meaningful, high-value-adding interactions and tailored advice.
Making Analytics Actionable for Financial Institutions (Part II of III)
To identify meaningful use cases for analytics-driven banking and financial services solutions, organizations need a thorough understanding of how customer interactions align with context and anticipate needs, while simplifying the decision-making process.
Exactly Who Are Your Customers?
Predictive analytics provides the answers, enabling marketers to create value with consumers -- and drive brand growth for brand owners.
Semantic 'Radar' Steers Users to Insights in the Data Lake
By infusing information with intelligence, users can discover meaning in the digital data that envelops people, organizations, processes, products and things.
Educators Pave the Way for Next Generation of Learners
As educational assessments shift to outcome-based learning, providers must adopt new forms of test delivery to increase their global reach and provide ubiquitous services to a new student population.


  • Energy Utility Adopts Big Data Strategy
  • EIM Reduces Costs by 50% for Global Client
  • European Telecom Receives Real-Time Customer Insights
  • Data-to-Foresight Helps Pharma Client Save $4 Million

Energy Utility Adopts Big Data Strategy

We partnered with a leading energy and utility client to develop a big data adoption strategy. After a strategic BI product evaluation and tactical business needs assessment, we helped the company establish a robust BI system that helped them differentiate from the competition.

    Business benefits included:

  • Architected a three year roadmap aligned to business unit and organization maturity.
  • Increased awareness and consensus on the strategic importance of BI and shed light on the need to invest in maturing BI capabilities.
  • Identified potential opportunities for an enhanced BI environment worth €80 million ($110 million USD) in business benefits

EIM Reduces Costs by 50% for Global Client

We partnered with a global client to implement a "BI-in-a-Box" capability using a managed services frameworks for Enterprise Information Management (EIM). The project included phased integration of 13 brands across multiple lines of business, 24x7 operations and on-going data center monitoring. We also provided customer support using our proprietary 1‑800‑BI helpdesk framework.

    Business benefits included:

  • Elimination of infrastructure management overhead with a 99.5% up-time SLA.
  • Approximately 50% reduction in operational expense.
  • Reduction of capital outlays by 80% as a result of outsourcing.

European Telecom Receives Real-Time Customer Insights

We partnered with a leading European telecom to devise a customer-centric strategy aimed at providing actionable customer insights. We provided a 360-degree view of five business lines covering over 45 million customers for the retail and wholesale markets.

    Business benefits included:

  • Added more detailed data stored for longer periods, thereby enabling advanced-analytics and greater insights.
  • Introduced improved system capability and scalability to 500 business users using data integrated from over 25 entities, with more than 400 built-in reports.

Data-to-Foresight Helps Pharma Client Save $4 Million

For a leading pharma company, we developed a fully outsourced, end-to-end commercial analytics tool delivered through a managed services model. We used an instance of Cognizant's hosted Data-to-Foresight product, an industry-standards-based platform. This enabled the client to realize cost savings of $4 million per year and achieve a 60% to 70% reduced time‑to‑market.

  • Energy Utility Adopts Big Data Strategy
  • EIM Reduces Costs by 50% for Global Client
  • European Telecom Receives Real-Time Customer Insights
  • Data-to-Foresight Helps Pharma Client Save $4 Million

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