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Our Approach

The use of social, mobile, analytics and cloud technologies (SMAC) is already enabling visionary enterprises to work in more collaborative and real-time ways. Analytics extract meaning from your data to deliver transformative insights and value. Whether through analytical models, systems integration, or Big Data analytics and strategic consulting, we can help you make the best possible business decisions.
  • Customer, Risk, and Operations Analytics

    Use customer, risk and operations analytics to turn existing data into predictive knowledge that drive business outcomes.
  • Business Intelligence

    By combining BI and analytics frameworks and defining strategy and solution architecture, we will help you solve problems and deliver answers.
  • Big Data

    We have a reputation for bringing extensive value to Big Data, from business strategy to architectural integration to delivery excellence.
  • Enterprise Information Management

    We integrate the enterprise and accelerate value through advanced data management strategies and solutions.

Industry Solutions

At Cognizant, we leverage the best resources and vast capabilities of our global delivery system to help you run better and run different.
PLATINUM™ Information Management Solution
Cognizant’s proprietary PLATINUMTM information management solution is an integrated platform that blends collaboration, value creation, workflow automation, process orchestration, and knowledge management.
Information Factory
Cognizant's Information Factory is a domain‑based, model‑driven agile framework offering near real‑time, complete and accurate information on demand. It enables a service-oriented, scalable and governed environment that establishes data as an enterprise asset. Information Factory brings data you can trust to the point of decisioning‑faster.

Our Latest Thinking

ICD-10 Advantages Require Advanced Analytics
Compliance alone will not deliver on ICD-10's potential to improve quality of care, reduce costs and elevate efficiency. Organizations need to find and apply meaning from the new code sets, which requires new IT infrastructure, partnerships and people.
Retail Analytics: Game Changer for Customer Loyalty
Using analytics tools and models, retailers can boost customer loyalty by creating a personalized shopping experience that customizes offers to needs.
Leveraging Consumer-Facing Technologies to Improve
Health Outcomes
Healthcare technologies and programs are improving health outcomes and patient care, including healthcare information technology (HIT), advanced analytics, accountable care organizations (ACOs), electronic health records (EHRs), computerized physician order entry (CPOE), remote patient monitoring (RPM) and telehealth/telemedicine.
The Value of Signal (and the Cost of Noise): The New Economics of Meaning-Making
It’s a new era in business, in which growth will be driven by finding meaning and insights in data. Recent research demonstrates what separates winners from losers and how to rise to the top as a "meaning maker."
Maximizing Big Data Potential
The rise of social and mobile computing means huge amounts of information can be tapped to uncover latent business opportunities.
Predicting Patient Adherence: Why and How
Guidelines for calculating healthcare patient adherence, such as medication possession ration (MPR) and period of days covered (PDC), and for predictive modeling and prescriptions for improving adherence indexes for better health outcomes and savings.
How Semantic Technology Drives Agile Business
Semantic technology gives organizations the architectural foundation to rapidly obtain business value from newly acquired data, providing them with agility and sustainable competitive advantage.
Dissecting Sales Analytics in Insurance
For the insurance industry, the trove of data collected in their customer relationship management (CRM) systems can yield an array of key analytics insights, when the right key performance indicators (KPIs) are captured.
Collaborative Sales Planning: Adding a Dynamic Dimension
Collaborative sales planning makes commercial operations more agile by making strategies and plans dynamically responsive to changing market conditions.
Making Online Shopping Smarter with Advanced Analytics
Benchmarking sales targeting processes against the state of the art can put your organization on a pathway toward increased customer satisfaction and efficient operations.


Energy Utility Adopts Big Data Strategy

We partnered with a leading energy and utility client to develop a big data adoption strategy. After a strategic BI product evaluation and tactical business needs assessment, we helped the company establish a robust BI system that helped them differentiate from the competition.

Business benefits included:

  • Architected a three year roadmap aligned to business unit and organization maturity.
  • Increased awareness and consensus on the strategic importance of BI and shed light on the need to invest in maturing BI capabilities.
  • Identified potential opportunities for an enhanced BI environment worth €80 million ($110 million USD) in business benefits

EIM Framework Reduces Costs by 50% at Global Client

We partnered with a global client to implement a "BI-in-a-Box" capability using a managed services frameworks for Enterprise Information Management (EIM). The project included phased integration of 13 brands across multiple lines of business, 24x7 operations and on-going data center monitoring. We also provided customer support using our proprietary 1-800-BI helpdesk framework.

Business benefits included:

  • Elimination of infrastructure management overhead with a 99.5% up-time SLA.
  • Approximately 50% reduction in operational expense.
  • Reduction of capital outlays by 80% as a result of outsourcing.

European Telecom Receives Real-Time Customer Insights

We partnered with a leading European telecom to devise a customer-centric strategy aimed at providing actionable customer insights. We provided a 360-degree view of five business lines covering over 45 million customers for the retail and wholesale markets.

Business benefits included:

  • Added more detailed data stored for longer periods, thereby enabling advanced-analytics and greater insights.
  • Introduced improved system capability and scalability to 500 business users using data integrated from over 25 entities, with more than 400 built-in reports.

Data-to-Foresight Helps Pharma Client Save $4 Million

For a leading pharma company, we developed a fully outsourced, end-to-end commercial analytics tool delivered through a managed services model. We used an instance of Cognizant's hosted Data-to-Foresight product, an industry-standards-based platform. This enabled the client to realize cost savings of $4 million per year and achieve a 60% to 70% reduced time-to-market.

  • Energy Utility Adopts Big Data Strategy
  • EIM Framework Reduces Costs by 50% at Global Client
  • European Telecom Receives Real-Time Customer Insights
  • Data-to-Foresight Helps Pharma Client Save $4 Million​​​