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February, 08, 2016

Cognizant Reports Fourth Quarter And Full Year 2015 Results


The Cognizant Difference

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Our Approach

In Engineering and Manufacturing environments, achieving operational excellence depends on alignment among manufacturing, engineering, planning and collaboration processes. Our EMS practice positions you for success. Using the latest solutions, we address the entire value chain—from conceptualization and design through manufacturing.

Cognizant helps you leverage intelligent sensors, the cloud, telemetry, embedded analytics and industrial IOT strategies to align the entire engineering and manufacturing value chain.

Industry Solutions

Cognizant Engineering & Manufacturing consultants apply the latest technology and manufacturing innovations to a variety of cross-industry problems:
Solution Spotlight
Make better decisions around control systems and networking based on advanced solutions for the acquisition, monitoring, analysis and control of data in your manufacturing environment.


An Integrated Simulation Tool Framework for Process Data Management
Digital simulations play an increasing role in product lifecycle management (PLM) processes and simulation data management (SDM) based on the PLM XML protocol, which is a key interface with computer-aided engineering (CAE) applications. We offer a framework for aligning SDM with the overall product development process to shorten lead times and optimize output.
Decoding Quality Management Systems
In their efforts to decrease costs, improve customer loyalty and extend brand reputation, organizations need a holistic, long-term view of enterprise quality management systems.
Connected Products for the Industrial World
By leveraging product-centric connected ecosystems, manufacturers can create new and more effective business models, advance operational excellence and design and develop better products and services that align with customer needs and preferences.
Assessing Obsolescence
For many manufacturers, evaluating and managing the risk of obsolescence is a missing piece of their overall management strategy, an oversight that can have significant implications in terms of business continuity. With a clear obsolescence policy and risk-assessment framework, manufacturing companies can help ensure that their systems and assets remain up and running, supported by a continuous risk-mitigation cycle.
Employing Analytics to Automate and Optimize Insurance Distribution
Today's insurers have the opportunity to employ advanced analytics to automate and optimize distribution, analyze and track customer patterns, enhance marketing campaigns, better manage agents and deliver more value to the business and its customers.
The Impact of Basel III on Intraday Liquidity Management
In response to the 2008 financial crisis, the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS) instituted Basel III, a framework that includes liquidity ratios to ensure that banks can meet their short‑term financial obligations on time and accelerate compliance with Basel III's regulations for liquidity management and reporting.
How Soft Sensing Using Simulation Enhances Plant Process Management
By applying a high‑fidelity dynamic simulation model for soft sensing, organizations can cost‑effectively supplement actual process measurement instrumentation in noncritical areas. As a sample illustration, we use a naphtha sweetening plant cycle.
A PLM Accelerator for Socio‑Interactive Automotive Product Development
For automakers to feed social sentiment insights into their existing product lifecycle management (PLM) systems and create a streamlined product requirement, ideation and design process—we offer a social PLM accelerator called product user likes and systems engineering (PULSE). We contend the PLM system should be retrofitted to accommodate socio-interactive product development.
Demystifying Engineering Analytics
By applying engineering analytics across the business, manufacturers can reimagine how they design, produce and deliver new products and services that resonate with customer needs and preferences.
The Next Wave of Manufacturing Relies on Plant Operations Transformation
To enable agility, predictability, responsiveness and efficiency, manufacturers must think holistically about their factories and develop integrated and harmonized capabilities that connect the supply chain with a new product introduction value stream.


  • PLM System Makeover Leads to 15% Faster Time‑to‑Market
  • Engineering services for Industrial Automation Firm
  • Real-Time Tracking for Polyester Film Manufacturer

PLM System Makeover Leads to 15% Faster Time-to-Market

Our PLM team recently helped an advanced technology company achieve significant results following a makeover of its PLM system. After adding more than 600 users from various business units to the new PLM system, management realized 15% faster time-to-market. Productivity increased significantly while operating costs fell and by better aligning business requirements with process strategy, the company was able to respond faster to business needs.

  • Increased productivity of client firm
  • Aligned business requirements and process strategy
  • Realized 15% faster time‑to‑market

Engineering services for Industrial Automation Firm

Through a broad relationship encompassing R&D, Product Development, sustenance as well as innovation dimensions, Cognizant helps in creation of breakthrough solutions for a Global Industrial Automation company. We help deliver unparalleled Automation Solutions that are easier to maintain, offer more flexibility and have a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) for end consumers.

  • Improved quality and time to market
  • Cost-effectiveness and efficiency to global product R&D processes
  • Greater Operational Efficiency

Real-Time Tracking for Polyester Film Manufacturer

Our Controls and Operations Management team helped a leading polyester film manufacturer implement real-time tracking of its made-to-order polyester film rolls. By re-engineering plant floor systems to run on a more advanced platform—and connecting it to the Invensys FOXBORO scheduling system—we helped management launch a new, more productive approach for identifying and solving problems.

  • Re-engineered plant floor systems
  • Integrated with Invensys FOXBORO scheduling system
  • Drove more productive approach for quality control
  • PLM System Makeover Leads to 15% Faster Time‑to‑Market
  • Engineering services for Industrial Automation Firm
  • Real-Time Tracking for Polyester Film Manufacturer

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