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April, 15, 2015

Cognizant Funds 15 Maker Corps Sites to Train Making Facilitators Across U.S., Inspire Youth Interest in STEM


The Cognizant Difference

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Our Approach

In Engineering and Manufacturing environments, achieving operational excellence depends on alignment among manufacturing, engineering, planning and collaboration processes. Our EMS practice positions you for success. Using the latest solutions, we address the entire value chain—from conceptualization and design through manufacturing.

Industry Solutions

Cognizant Engineering & Manufacturing consultants apply the latest technology and manufacturing innovations to a variety of cross-industry problems:
Solution Spotlight
Make better decisions around control systems and networking based on advanced solutions for the acquisition, monitoring, analysis and control of data in your manufacturing environment.


Demystifying Engineering Analytics
By applying engineering analytics across the business, manufacturers can reimagine how they design, produce and deliver new products and services that resonate with customer needs and preferences.
The Next Wave of Manufacturing Relies on Plant Operations Transformation
To enable agility, predictability, responsiveness and efficiency, manufacturers must think holistically about their factories and develop integrated and harmonized capabilities that connect the supply chain with a new product introduction value stream.
Accelerating Multiscreen Video Delivery
Consumers’ expectation is rising for highly visual and engaging content. Using a seasoned systems integrator and Agile methodology, organizations can effectively and quickly test and deploy multiscreen video delivery, thus meeting consumer expectations.
Is PLM Mobility the Right Place to Start?
We find that product lifecycle management (PLM) mobility, in distinction to mere product mobility, requires a holistic understanding of both internal and external ecosystems of influence within the organization and a focus on the business case not just the use case.
Designing for Manufacturing's 'Internet of Things'
The deeper meshing of virtual and physical machines offers the potential to truly transform the manufacturing value chain, from suppliers through customers and at every touchpoint along the way.
Boosting Success of Global MES Rollouts
By combining Agile principles with a three-phase methodology, organizations can reduce the complexity and increase the speed of their global manufacturing execution system implementations.
Intelligent Infrastructure for Next‑Generation Rail Systems
With the rail segment of the transportation system poised for rapid growth, we offer assessment and implementation plans for intelligent infrastructure for rail systems so that rail companies can better manage their rolling stock. Our system shows the evolution of rail system control architecture from managed to utilized to optimized and covers monitoring, analysis, alerts, maintenance and integration.
Best Practices for Global MES Rollouts:
Multisite, global manufacturing execution system implementations can be optimized by applying Agile methods to development and program governance.
Pharma Serialization: Managing the Transformation:
By making the right investments in the right technology with the right business partner, the pharmaceuticals ecosystem can alleviate and hopefully eliminate the threat of counterfeit drugs to patient safety and wellness.
The Future of Energy Management
Energy and consumption management, rapidly evolving to include smart grids and other innovations, must take into account energy utilization patterns from all aspects of the enterprise not just utility/HVAC needs.


  • PLM System Makeover Leads to 15% Faster Time‑to‑Market
  • Engineering services for Industrial Automation Firm
  • Real-Time Tracking for Polyester Film Manufacturer

PLM System Makeover Leads to 15% Faster Time-to-Market

Our PLM team recently helped an advanced technology company achieve significant results following a makeover of its PLM system. After adding more than 600 users from various business units to the new PLM system, management realized 15% faster time-to-market. Productivity increased significantly while operating costs fell and by better aligning business requirements with process strategy, the company was able to respond faster to business needs.

  • Increased productivity of client firm
  • Aligned business requirements and process strategy
  • Realized 15% faster time‑to‑market

Engineering services for Industrial Automation Firm

Through a broad relationship encompassing R&D, Product Development, sustenance as well as innovation dimensions, Cognizant helps in creation of breakthrough solutions for a Global Industrial Automation company. We help deliver unparalleled Automation Solutions that are easier to maintain, offer more flexibility, and have a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) for end consumers.

  • Improved quality and time to market
  • Cost-effectiveness and efficiency to global product R&D processes
  • Greater Operational Efficiency

Real-Time Tracking for Polyester Film Manufacturer

Our Controls and Operations Management team helped a leading polyester film manufacturer implement real-time tracking of its made-to-order polyester film rolls. By re-engineering plant floor systems to run on a more advanced platform—and connecting it to the Invensys FOXBORO scheduling system—we helped management launch a new, more productive approach for identifying and solving problems.

  • Re-engineered plant floor systems
  • Integrated with Invensys FOXBORO scheduling system
  • Drove more productive approach for quality control
  • PLM System Makeover Leads to 15% Faster Time‑to‑Market
  • Engineering services for Industrial Automation Firm
  • Real-Time Tracking for Polyester Film Manufacturer

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