Innovation Beyond The Four Walls



February, 08, 2016

Cognizant Reports Fourth Quarter And Full Year 2015 Results


The Cognizant Difference

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Cognizant. The single solution to today’s dual mandate

The dual mandate, one big challenge. How do you optimise business performance today but still optimise business possibility tomorrow? Cognizant will help you find the answer. By helping you to deliver greater efficiency and productivity, and at the same time introduce the new technologies that will reimagine your business. All in one single, globally integrated platform.

Build Better

Today’s dual mandate forces organisations to optimise their performance, by constantly improving efficiency. Building better, more effective and productive business is now the automatic default of every enterprise. Better keeps you ahead of the game, and brings growth. Better is our passion. It’s what every one of our IT and business consultants bring to your unique operating challenge. So whether it’s Business Process, Enterprise Applications or Quality Engineering and Assurance – we’ll help you build better: better business performance, better‑optimised cost bases, and better business efficiencies.

Create Different

Future business success, it’s a critical part of today’s dual mandate. It dictates organisations look to tomorrow’s business possibility today. And it demands creating different, because that’s what a rapidly evolving digital economy demands. Different drives Cognizant. We help you create different by constantly challenging the conventional. Turning the way you work on its head to drive innovation. Bringing new thinking in social, mobility, analytics and cloud (the SMAC stack™ ) to fuel competitive advantage. And harnessing new digital technology and business models.


We'd like to hear more about your business and IT challenges, so Cognizant can help you to build better and create different.

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