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Innovation Beyond The Four Walls



November, 05, 2015

Cognizant to Present at the 2015 Wells Fargo Technology, Media & Telecom Conference


The Cognizant Difference

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Digital overview


Today’s organizations need to think, act and be digital at scale to serve customers in the unprecedented waysthey expect.

Digital has to become nothing more and nothing less than the way you do business, throughout your business. We’re past the days when a successful center of excellence or initiative impressed customers and partners, when dabbling in digital was enough.

It’s time to go beyond doing pilot projectsto being digital.

To take an enterprise-wide approach to digital technology that unlocks the full capabilities of your organization and improves experiences for all your employees and customers dramatically. That doesn’t mean rejecting existing infrastructure wholesale in search of the latest trend, but evolving into a more powerful, progressive version of the great company you already are.


Our approach

Cognizant is ready to help put digital to work for your business, streamlining existing processes, augmenting current operations, creating new capabilities—and inspiring digital thinking at the deepest levels of your company.

Cognizant Digital Works' unique view is that creating successful digital experiences means integrating four essential elements

Our approach


Without customers as your true north, “digital” is just a word.

If you’re wondering where to start being digital, remember this: the reason digital is a big deal for your business is because it’s a big deal for your customers.

They want everything to be a little easier, a little faster, a little more fun. To work at least a little—and probably a lot—better. They should be the inspiration for what you offer, the motivation to improve it, and the pressure to deliver it when, where and how they choose. They’re the lens through which every digital decision should be made, because without customers as your true north, “digital” is just a word.



Digital is more than technology.

It means connecting that technology with the right data science, devices, design and business strategy.

It means putting a customer, device, organization or business process at the center of real change in how businesses do things and how customers experience them. In how we engage, invent, build and buy everything.

It means creating value by uniting the physical world—seamlessly, efficiently, meaningfully—to the virtual one we’re building.


Every person, place and thing now has a virtual self as well as a physical one.

How well companies leverage the Code Halo™ of data that surrounds each person, product, device and organization—to create better processes for employees and partners, and richer experiences for people—is the most important source of competitive success in every industry.



Talking about digital is the first step on the path to being digital.

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