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March, 26, 2015

Software Robots Making Business Smarter - New Cognizant Study Shows Dramatic Impact of Intelligent Process Automation


The Cognizant Difference

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Organization Readiness Assessment

  • Assess the organization's aptitude for change
  • Develop the recommendations to guide the design of the change program and to transform the culture to attain the desired state

Stakeholder Analysis and Engagement

  • Identify key stakeholders
  • Understand stakeholders requirements and preferences.
  • Establish change agents in the organization.
  • Understand the change impact on people in the organization, including the process and technology dimensions.
  • Prioritize the different impacts and develop effective mitigation strategies.

Communication Strategy, Planning and Execution

  • Ensure adequacy, timeliness, consistency and that the context of communication is maintained.
  • Establish a two-way communication network
  • Develop targeted communications to stakeholders with varying degree of buy-in for the change.

Change Impact Assessment and Analysis

  • Identify key stakeholders
  • Understand stakeholder requirements and preferences
  • Establish change agents in the organization

Organization Design

  • Create organization design and governance models
  • Assess the impact of change on the organization structure.
  • Develop an effective organization structure to operate after the change.
  • Determine which roles/responsibilities will be changed or eliminated.

Skill Gap Assessment and Training Needs Analysis

  • Determine what skill gaps may exist on human resources that may affect their performance once the change is implemented.
  • Develop a comprehensive training plan and associated material to support the change.​​​​

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