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December, 04, 2014

Cognizant to Present at the CLSA Americas Innovation Summit


The Cognizant Difference

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Today's business landscape demands responsive, flexible processes. Our consultants provide a full range of consulting services, leveraging our deep industry knowledge across industries and our technical expertise in 21st century solutions.
Strategic Capabilities
Cognizant Business Consulting works with leading global enterprises to achieve business transformation. Our consultants help clients reinvent their operating models and processes to enhance productivity, unlock innovation and drive corporate performance and value. We leverage domain knowledge across a range of vertical industries and offer cross‑industry capabilities.
Industry Expertise
Forward-thinking organizations in all industries are turning to skilled partners to achieve a business without boundaries operating model. That's where Cognizant Business Consulting comes in. Our 3,000+ consultants leverage their deep industry knowledge across 12 vertical industries including financial services, consumer goods and healthcare. We also specialize in cross‑industry capabilities such as strategic services, analytics and customer solutions.


Data & Analytics

To make better business decisions, challenge your assumptions. Turn information into insight with our latest cloud, big data and predictive analytics solutions.

Business Process Services

Rethink how you run your business with the help of our industry-savvy consultants. We improve performance, enhance productivity and drive growth initiatives.

Organizational Change Management

Successful organizational change is a top management mandate. Our Change Management practice works with executives on strategic and transformational challenges.

Customer Relationship Management

Building a strong relationship with your customers is as important to us as it is to you. Tap into expert solutions to connect with your customers.

Digital Transformation

Cognizant enables organizations to create engaging and consistent digital experiences across every touchpoint, providing new opportunities for growth.

Supply Chain Optimization

We can help you re-wire your supply chain to improve global trade, transportation, distribution, planning, collaboration and forecasting performance.

Business & IT Strategy

Our consultants create business strategies that enable global companies to define new business and target operating models to maximize value and manage complex changes throughout their organizations.

Enterprise Architecture Services

Maintaining business agility isn’t easy when technologies and business requirements keep changing. Our approach to Enterprise Architecture ensures that businesses will stay current with emerging technology platforms and be able to harness new opportunities.

Enabling Infrastructure

IT expectations are higher than ever. Our experts can help you build and manage an IT infrastructure that equals the demands of a changing business environment.

Mergers & Acquisitions

We provide strategic due diligence, business and IT target-state definition, implementation planning, governance support and change management.

Program Management

We help leading companies drive business transformation by providing industry-leading program management consulting services.

Quality Engineering & Assurance

If you don’t have the resources for testing, leave it to us. Our world-class QA team and rigorous testing processes provide the assurance your company deserves.



    The industry is constantly evolving as it deals with changing economics, regulatory pressures and the growth of mobile banking. We’re here to help you stay ahead.


    Your business needs to move at a lightning fast speed to keep pace with technology and customer demands. Our cutting-edge solutions like network management and cloud services can adapt at the same speed.


    By identifying new ways to connect with customers, our solutions can help consumer products companies enhance their brands and grow market share.


    The future of education is all about new ways of learning - from online tools to
    in-classroom courses. We offer the latest solutions to keep challenging the learning experience.


    Cognizant helps challenge the way you look at your business and can help you find ways to utilize new technologies and pioneer new operating models.


    You’re committed to the care of your patients and clients. And we’re committed to helping your business improve and grow in a time of dramatic change.


    Companies like yours have revolutionized real-time information. To maintain and sharpen your business edge, turn to our experts.


    Moderating interest rates, higher costs and new ways of delivering service are changing the insurance industry. Let us challenge the way you do business with our emerging technologies and services.


    As the life science industry continues to change, so should your way of thinking about how you manage core processes. Our tailored solutions can help.


    We’ll help challenge the way you develop, source and distribute your products today so that you can revolutionize your performance tomorrow.


    The way you create, manage and deliver your digital assets is an important part of your business. Together, we’ll develop smart solutions to make it easier.


    Looking for new ways to make your business more successful? Our innovations in supply chain management, merchandising, e-commerce and mobility can take your business to a whole new level.


    While you’re leading the way in the tech industry, our team is doing the same to help online companies, software vendors and hardware manufacturers define their future.


    Running a successful transportation company today means being more responsive. Our out-of-the-box thinking can help streamline your operations, improve visibility and drive business performance.


    Getting a competitive advantage means challenging conventional thinking. Our flexible global IT and business services helps you stay ahead.


Wearable Devices: The Next Big Thing in CRM
When integrated with CRM systems, wearable devices offer the same type of digital experience as desktops, laptops, smartphone or tablets, but with the convenience afforded by watches, eyeglasses and headbands. Wearables apply across the CRM spectrum - from sales, to marketing, to services.
Better Life Insurance Risk Assessment by Leveraging Medical Innovations
Insurance companies must adopt medical technology innovations such as evidence-based underwriting, wearable fitness devices, bio-monitors and gene tests to elevate insurance underwriting efficiency and accuracy.
Defining and Harnessing Plurality of Thought for the Digital Age
Beyond and different from physical identity diversity, it is plurality of thought that must be cultivated and promoted within today's far-sighted organizations. We offer an analysis and roadmap for instilling plurality of thought on the individual, team and corporate levels.
Selecting a Software Solution: 13 Best Practices for Media and Entertainment Companies
When selecting commercial off-the-shelf software (COTS), companies in the increasingly digitally-based media and entertainment industry need to develop a detailed advance plan, obtain support from all stakeholders and continuously monitor vendor performance against critical expectations, best practices and business requirements.
Using Ontology to Capture Supply Chain Code Halos
Manufacturers need to create a lingua franca that extends throughout the supply chain ecosystem, in order to generate insights from the digital data encircling their employees, partners, processes and customers.
Software for Payment Cards: Choosing Wisely
As the use of card-based payments continues to grow, financial institutions must improve their response times, strengthen their security, hone their future-readiness and enrich their business value. When selecting a commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) solution, banks must verify that the product and its support services are equipped to accommodate short and long-term business and IT objectives.
Digital Transformation of U.S. Private Banking
U.S. private banks need to rethink their business models and accelerate their push to meet the ever-rising expectations of digitally savvy high-net-worth clients.
Dissecting Basel III by Geography
The impact of Basel III, also known as The Third Basel Accord, will vary by geography -- from potentially slowing down economies in emerging nations, to protecting the European Union from financial collapse, to increasing capital adequacy and improving risk management. Given the framework and timeline for implementing Basel III, the burden falls on national regulators to translate the international guidelines into national policies that suit and stabilize their economic environment and support economic growth.
How Pharma Can Fully Digitize Interactions with Healthcare Professionals
By building end-to-end IT ecosystems and understanding preferred communications channels, pharmaceuticals companies can create more engaging and fruitful digital relationships with healthcare professionals.
Medication Adherence in the Real World
Medication non-adherence is a growing concern, as it is increasingly associated with negative health outcomes and higher cost of care. Tackling the burden of non-adherence requires a collaborative, patient-centric approach that considers individual patient needs and results in intelligent interventions that combine high-tech with high-touch.

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