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October, 13, 2014

Cognizant Schedules Third Quarter 2014 Earnings Release and Conference Call


The Cognizant Difference

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Merchants and banks have yet to crack the code for mobile payments: it still takes several steps for users to pay through their phones. And even then, payments are not necessarily secured across all channels. Truzign helps merchants and banks instantly activate customer accounts, so customers can use their smartphones to pay in-store, online, on-the-go or even outdoors. Truzign integrates with existing payment solutions, so merchants and banks can save on the operational costs yet generate more revenue.



Easy Point of Sale (POS) Integration

Truzign integrates with any existing POS or online checkout system for fast and easy installation.

Instant PoS, Across Channels

Once a mobile device is linked to an identity, it can be used in any transaction setting: in-store, online, on-the-go or outside. You have an instant PoS with any phone, without the need for additional hardware. Truzign also integrates with existing loyalty or gift card programs, to give you more insight into customer purchasing behaviors.

Rock-solid security

Every transaction is signed using a three-factor authentication scheme that can be accessed only by the user. The authentication server operates through an “out of bound” channel, located with telecom operators. Truzign’s partnership with telecom operators gives banks a built-in benefit of scale. Verifying customer location at the time of transaction also helps protect banks from fraudulent transactions.


View how to make your mobile wallet reach all of your customers.
The Truzign Value for Banks
If you’re a bank, learn how Truzign can help you address your current mobile payment challenges.
The Truzign Value for Merchants and Retailers
Merchants and retailers can learn how Truzign enables mobile payments in a secure and comprehensive way.

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