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August, 12, 2015

New England Healthcare Exchange Network Turns to Cognizant and TriZetto for Technology Innovation and Collaboration


The Cognizant Difference

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Cognizant assetSERV™ - A Digital Experience Management Platform


Cognizant assetSERV™ is a cloud-based digital experience management platform that provides a consistent digital experience to your customers. assetSERV™ leverages industry-leading processes and technology along with an end to end services and support structure to provide a rich, consistent and integrated experience to your customers across all channels and helps your brand reach out to your customers in the most effective way.


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Digital Experience Management (DXM) caters to the entire customer value chain.

assetSERV™ transforms digital experience management into a nimble, accessible process that reduces IT costs, relieves operational pain and drives productivity gains. It's your one-stop shop for the range of your customer digital experience management needs, including content access, search and retrieval, data migration, metadata tagging, collaboration, digital repository, campaign management and web publishing.

Digital Asset Management (DAM) provides a single source of truth.

assetSERV™ functions as a central repository for all your digital files, rich media and resource libraries. Leveraging our advanced search, workflow based approach and collaboration features, you’ll reduce the cost of asset generation, improve asset quality and consistency and ensure easy accessibility.

Enterprise scale, ready to deploy solution keeps start-up costs low.

assetSERV™ Digital Experience Management platform can be implemented and configured very quickly, transforming your digital asset management and associated campaigns leveraging those assets. Keeping start-up costs low, a number of major global enterprises are currently using assetSERV's™ pay-as-you-go model to reap benefits within months instead of years.

A flexible pricing model allows for scalable deployment.

assetSERV’s™ pricing model is a transparent, modular and scalable enterprise platform. In fact, as your organizational needs increase, the per user subscription fee continues to decline as you onboard additional divisions, vendors, partners and expand to other geographical locations.

Mobile enablement offers flexibility and convenience.

assetSERV™ Mobile provides mobile access to the assetSERV™ content repository from any iOS or Android device. With powerful content management features such as downloading, uploading and editing, assetSERV™ Mobile offers flexibility and convenience for remote users of content management applications.


assetSERV™ – A digital experience management platform
Since timelines are shorter than ever, marketing teams and agencies need to work smarter, harder and with greater agility than ever before. So how does a marketing organization stay on top of it all? With assetSERV™, Cognizant’s DXM Platform that offers CXOs a new, unique way to manage marketing programs.
Infographic : What makes a great digital experience?
Previously, content was king. Today, what matters is what you do with that content and your digital channels. Businesses must provide interactions that are personal, contextual and multichannel. Firms need the right technology in place, so that marketing can deliver a great digital experience. With assetSERV™, you can do it all.
Cognizant assetSERV™ Website
assetSERV™ is a cloud-based Digital Experience Management Platform that offers an efficient way to manage Digital Assets and Programs and provides convenience of use while saving costs.

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