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October, 13, 2014

Cognizant Schedules Third Quarter 2014 Earnings Release and Conference Call


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assetSERV - Digital Asset Management as a Service


assetSERV Digital Asset Management

The sheer number of digital files and access devices in today's global economy is mind‑boggling. assetSERV, a Cognizant BusinessCloud, is an ideal solution for enterprise marketing organizations, advertising agencies, and media and marketing firms and studios needing to manage or access vast libraries of digital assets, rich media and resource libraries.


Enterprise Scale, Ready to Deploy

Leveraging the latest cloud and mobile technologies, the assetSERV Digital Asset Management platform can be implemented and configured very quickly, transforming digital asset management and providing a one-stop shop for content collection, search, and retrieval. Keeping start-up costs low, a number of major global enterprises are currently using assetSERV's pay-as-you-go model to reap benefits within months instead of years.

A Single Source of Truth

assetSERV transforms marketing asset management into a nimble, accessible support process that reduces marketing IT costs, relieves operational pain, and drives productivity gains. It's your one-stop shop for a range of asset management needs, including content collection, metadata tagging, arbitrated media de-duplication and deletions, asset quality control, data migration, and search and retrieval services.

Real-time Teamwork

assetSERV's virtualized model of collaboration facilitates real-time teamwork among team members regardless of time or place. With assetSERV, you can run processes in parallel, enabling real-time collaboration and instant communication.

Fastest Time-to-Productivity

assetSERV delivers Digital Asset Management (DAM) as a cloud-hosted business process, reducing total cost of ownership in infrastructure, software, and integration and lowering marketing IT costs. Keeping start-up costs low, assetSERV's pay-as-you-go model shifts IT budgets from capital to operating expenditures. You reap benefits within months instead of years.


Cognizant assetSERV Overview
Cognizant assetSERV is a cloud-based software platform that provides a single source of truth for a wide variety of digital assets. Leverage the latest cloud and mobile technologies, sophisticated content cataloging & discovery capabilities, and integrated configuration & workflow management.
Cognizant assetSERV web site
Manage huge libraries of disparate digital assets with assetSERV. The enterprise platform enables companies to reduce costs of content generation, improve content quality & consistency and ensure that relevant information can be easily located whenever required.

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