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May, 22, 2015

Cognizant to Present at the Bernstein 31st Annual Strategic Decisions Conference


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ZDLC - Zero Deviation Life Cycle Platform


ZDLC Zero Deviation Life Cycle Platform

Cognizant’s Zero Deviation Life Cycle (ZDLC) is a quality engineering platform used in the end-to-end lifecycle of software systems. ZDLC, a Cognizant BusinessCloud, significantly reduces development and application maintenance costs, improves software quality and accelerates delivery by reducing the effort and complexity required to design, migrate, develop and maintain complex systems.


Design Tied to Business Drivers

ZDLC provides a reliable and easy way to tie IT requirements with business goals, automating development of business cases, requirements gathering and analysis, prioritization and consensus-building. Traceability is provided from high-level business drivers and down to low-level, detailed requirements.

Faster and Simpler Development and Migration

ZDLC enables engineers to quickly capture the “voice of the machine”, reverse engineering the behavior of current and legacy systems. Generate UML log files and as-is scripts automatically from log files. Add, modify or delete functionality to formulate the “to-be” state. Simulate behavior and “what if” scenarios to reduce migration risks and defects prior to coding.

Best Practices within Easy Reach

ZDLC automates industry best practices and guides development teams through a rigorous engineering process, leveraging an intuitive, game-like interface and embedded pop-up documentation that removes the primary barrier to consistent adoption and use. ZDLC ensures that sophisticated methodologies and industry best practices are within easy reach and actively embraced.


ZDLC Platform overview
Zero Deviation Life Cycle (ZDLC) platform is an Application and Lifecycle Management platform that significantly reduces the cost and time-to-market of complex development projects. Read more about how the platform incorporates sustainable innovation and pushes the boundaries of ease-of-use.
Zero Deviation Life Cycle web site
Software development has generated a multitude of methodologies, tools and practices over the years, but few (if any) have managed to deliver on the value that was promised and more often than not are just shifting complexity or cost from one part of the SDLC to another.

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