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February, 08, 2016

Cognizant Reports Fourth Quarter And Full Year 2015 Results


The Cognizant Difference

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Consumer expectations are shifting from technology features to business outcomes. In today’s dynamic business environment, firms need to simplify and streamline processes to enhance customer experience and improve operational efficiencies.

By minimizing complexity, agile companies can find answers quickly in reams of data, adapt processes to fluctuating market conditions and customer demands and support real-time decision-making with anytime, anywhere operations.

By bringing simple to state-of-the-art, companies can deliver the personalized and contextual experiences when and how their customers and partners expect while positioning themselves to align with new digital business models as quickly as they arise.

Cognizant capabilities and services are focused on business outcomes for our customers through revamped Solutions and Consulting, Digital Services and Transformative AVM services.







  • 10000 skill based consultants
  • Certified and trained in niche technologies and industry-specific solutions
  • Deep industry experience
  • Multi-year experience in entire services spectrum
  • More than 275 customers
  • 65 of Fortune 500 companies as customers
  • Repeat business of more than 90%
  • Customers across all industry domains
  • Global delivery footprint
  • 23 delivery centers across the globe
  • Four-tier delivery model
  • Flexible delivery locations


Application Maintenance
Cognizant has redefined our strategy and focus to strengthen our capabilities in Transformative Application Value Management (AVM) services for enhanced service delivery and differentiated service offerings to deliver business outcomes to our clients.

With millions of transactions happening every day, there is a lot for enterprises to leverage from big data to better market their offerings. Cognizant has industry leading competency in SAP's in-memory analytics solution, SAP HANA.

Business Performance
Firms are focused on streamlining and simplifying processes, shrinking innovation cycles and boosting time-to-market while maintaining the price margins for continuous business growth. We have successfully delivered projects involving implementation, rollout, SAP consolidation, technology portfolio rationalization, upgrade and migration.

Businesses are increasingly taking control in decision making for enterprise IT transformation. Our SAP Solutions Consulting Office delivers holistic transformation to our customers with services, business and technology.

To compete today, companies must move past doing digitial to being digital. This means connecting technology with the right data science, devices, design and business strategy to unlock the full capabilities of your firm and deliver the experiences your customers expect.

With the global expansion of business, firms are focusing more on simplified infrastructure provisioning to achieve the needs of business on-demand. Cognizant has partnered with our customers and helped realize the benefits of digital technologies, including cloud adoption.

Human Capital Management
Cognizant is working with clients across business sectors and of various sizes to provide industry specific solutions and accelerators for rapid deployment of optimized, talent-driven operations.

Effective Quality Engineering & Assurance (QE&A) of ERP applications require specialist knowledge of SAP products, underlying business processes and testing best practices. Cognizant’s EAAS SAP practice brings all three elements together to provide a specialized and holistic approach for our SAP engagements.

Hear From Our Customers

  • “The Cognizant team was the linchpin for the successful integration of the three system providers. It would not have been possible, within the timeframe, to have implemented this program successfully in our operations, without them. This program is a game-changer for our business.”

    - Vice President, Supply Chain, Global Packaging Solutions Company
  • “Selected Cognizant for this mission-critical engagement because of its consulting-led approach, its extensive experience in our industry, and its expertise in SAP enterprise applications. By replacing disparate legacy systems from multiple acquisitions and harmonizing business processes, Cognizant is supporting our growth strategy and helping us provide the best customer experience worldwide”

    - Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Leading Global Providers of Critical Technical Information
  • “Thank you, for a successful go-live, and an incredibly smooth zero business disruption transition to the new system. I am in awe of your collective systems and SAP skills, your incredible stamina, your perseverance through many many obstacles we encountered along the way and your stewardship of the best and most comprehensively planned and most flawlessly executed large IT project I have ever been a part of. Successful, zero issues implementations like this do not happen every day.”

    - Chief Information Officer, US Based Specialty Healthcare Company
  • “We could not have accomplished our SAP upgrade without Cognizant team’s substantial contribution and integration within the project organization. Based on our actual previous operations costs and anticipated Azure costs, we estimate a financial economy of at least 25% per annum after starting running SAP on the cloud.”

    - Chief Information Officer, Leading Contracting Company in the UAE
  • “Cognizant leadership and the efforts of your team have enabled us to be successful in these initiatives. AMS support has also been very strong and fundamental to our ongoing operations. Thank you for the great work and we look forward to continued strong performance as we move forward with future work efforts.

    - Vice President, Business Applications, Global Packaging Solutions Company


  • Digital Solutions
    • Omni-channel customer engagement banking solution that helps banks to refine marketing strategy by driving insights into action, resulting in new business generation.

    • SAP Simple Finance is the latest product offering from SAP that provides a modern platform capable of dramatically streamlining financial processes.

    • Latest product offering from SAP that is a completely integrated SAP solution for offer-to- cash for monetizing subscription business model.

    • Solution containing role-based repository of application catalogs for end-to-end business enablement, quick deployment, pick and choose services and anytime, anywhere access to applications.

    • Framework for accelerated SAP on cloud, containing SAP packaged solutions that are agile, and focused on enabling transformation and IT operations.

    • Next generation integrated talent solution built to meet clients’ talent needs by addressing challenges related to talent acquisition, talent development and talent deployment.

  • Industry Specific Solutions
    • Energy demand optimization solution for energy and utilities industries, jointly developed with SAP Co-Innovation Lab (COIL), that helps smooth the demand curve at peak demand for reduced carbon emissions.

    • Mobile-based solution developed jointly with SAP COIL to enable optimized merchandize purchases for buyer/merchandizer.

    • Unique solution to manage network of assets in asset-intensive industries like oil and gas, railways, etc. that provides geospatial display of critical assets, including linear assets.

    • Accelerators leveraging SAP Customer Activity Repository for real-time offer now, customer loyalty and experience and cross channel inventory optimization.

    • Ready-to-run, pre-configured solution for pharma industry that confirms to Pharma Current Good Manufacturing Practice regulatory compliance and allows for accelerated implementation and reduced rework.

    • Mobile-based solution developed jointly with SAP Co-Innovation Lab (COIL) to enable optimized merchandize purchases for buyer/merchandizer.

  • Process Accelerators
    • Tool to automate the code-review process.The C-COP tool is typically deployed in the development environment. It performs in conjunction with the standard code inspector.

    • Smart BW batch job and process chain monitoring tool that provides email alerts on load delays, prioritizes alerts based on importance of batch jobs and drastically reduces manual BW monitoring effort.

    • The tool conducts an accurate and comprehensive impact assessment of upgrade on existing enhancements and ensures that existing functionality is delivered ‘as is’ in the upgraded solution. It helps reduce the overall cost of upgrade.

    • A unique and innovative solution to accelerate, productize and simplify the configuration activities based on the design parameters in SAP deployment. The tool allows for reduced manual intervention for sequencing transport requests by automated solution configuration.

    • Tool helps analyze SAP configurations. It summarizes similar process related to information from configuration screens on one page, lists active configuration and level of utilization across transactions and provides complete analysis report across multiple landscapes.

    • Solution to carve out the SAP System during mergers and acquisitions with standard validation reports to ensure the spin-off has been done properly.


At Cognizant, we partner and align with organizations whose products and services complement our own client offerings.


ERP Complexity vs. Business growth—at Odds or in Alignment Depends on Your Approach
A research program conducted by APQC, with support from Cognizant and SAP, set out to document the challenges faced by business leaders to address operating frictions caused by ERP landscape complexity. The research concluded that senior executives would be wise to undertake a sensible review of their current technology frameworks and consider remedial actions that do not require lengthy and widely disruptive change.
The HCM Imperative: Aligning Technology With the New Digital Employee
Recent research from Brandon Hall Group shows that there are financial repercussions from implementation of technology systems that are not directly related to the processes they were originally created to improve.
Elevating the Digital Employee Experience
To address the changing dynamic of a more digitally savvy workforce, HR organizations must tap into advanced analytics and harness ‘as a service’ delivery models to raise the bar on talent acquisition and development, as well as to inform new employee compensation and collaboration initiatives.
Transforming HR and Human Capital Management for Business Growth
Talent optimization is when an organization strategically uses all of its human capital to improve its business performance. The responses of HR professionals participating in APQC and Cognizant’s 2014 HR Strategy, Process and Technology survey reflect an understanding of the link between talent optimization and the ability to realize present-day CEO-driven objectives.
Talent as a Service: Enabling Employee Engagement While Boosting Efficiencies
Cognizant’s Talent-as-a-Service (TaaS) solution includes services focused on accelerating organizational value, by enabling cost-effective HCM transformation.
The Future of Retail is ‘Here’ and ‘Now’
To remain competitive in today’s real-time world, retailers need to more effectively read and respond to consumers’ digital fingerprints, or Code Halos, to anticipate their preferences and needs and deliver contextually-relevant, timely and inspiring shopping experiences.
The Six Stages Of Digital Transformation Maturity
Digital transformation covers everything from effectively engaging customers and employees, forming new teams to collaborate, forcing process improvements and innovation, optimizing business models and inspiring new infrastructures.
11 Mistakes to Avoid when Upgrading SAP
Poor planning, scope creep, sloppy testing and other common pitfalls can derail an SAP upgrade.
A New Framework for Safety and Stock Management
There are many challenges around safety and stock management. This paper answers the most common questions and provides a framework for managing a flexible safety stock.


  • Leading packaging solutions company transforms supply chain management
  • Leading utilities company in the UK enhances customer experience
  • U.S.‑based sports retailer improves sales and margins
  • A leading pharmacy company boosts rewards program

Leading packaging solutions company transforms supply chain management

A $5.6-billion producer of packaging, specialty papers, consumer and office products needed to enhance innovation and collaboration across the company’s packaging value chain to create a more responsive, flexible organization to benefit customers throughout the world. We developed a Paper Board Online E-Commerce web application and CRM e-commerce portal and brought all supply-chain operations and mill operations onto a single, integrated platform.

The web application improved order management and provided a real-time view of inventory to the client’s customers and a portal-enabled view of consignment stock processes. This resulted in reduced order processing and approval lead time, increases in open stock availability through automated inventory replenishments and reduced inventory obsolescence.

Leading utilities company in the UK enhances customer experience

A £ 29 billion supplier of electricity and gas to businesses and consumers in the UK needed to enhance customer experience through improved product and service offerings and maintain sustainable relationships with profitable customers. We developed an online solution for improving customer connections, reducing cost and introducing an additional customer service channel through CTI and IVR telephony systems for better customer experience.

This transformation resulted in reduced number of cancellations and rebilling, increase in lead generation, lower call handling time, improved transparency and flexibility of business to the client’s customers and significant cost savings through retiring legacy systems.

U.S.‑ based sports retailer improves sales and margins

A U.S.‑based sports retailer was challenged with inconsistent selling process and a lack of real‑time data resulting in inaccurate order specifications and lengthy order cycle times. It needed to improve in‑store shopping processes to enhance the customer experience. We designed smart business solutions for streamlining the end‑to‑end process by leveraging SAP’s latest technology based on HANA and HTML 5.0.

The solutions provided unified and streamlined data across multiple channels. Results included 100% accuracy in order placements, significant cost savings due to automated three-way invoice matching, increase in shipping charges, zero order errors, increased cross sells and upsells and enhanced customer experience.

A leading pharmacy company boosts rewards program

A leading pharmacy and healthcare product retailer in the UK wanted to provide digitized offers and automatic rewards for its loyal customers. Cognizant developed a digital solution for customer loyalty management, which allowed for targeted offers and reward updates on shoppers’ mobile phones.

Cognizant conducted a pilot rollout for two select stores successfully, followed by rollout to 550 stores and to all consumers. Results included real-time and all-time availability of offers via web account, real-time visibility of digital offer points awarded, on-the-fly updates on reward points and enhanced customer loyalty.

  • Leading packaging solutions company transforms supply chain management
  • Leading utilities company in the UK enhances customer experience
  • U.S.- based sports retailer improves sales and margins
  • A leading pharmacy company boosts rewards program

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