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Octane Value Suite Overview

    Our Windows Azure practice group developed the Octane Value Suite as a portfolio of services and tools for clients. Used in combination with our global network of data centers, the suite helps IT organizations and software vendors seamlessly migrate any part of their computing or storage operations to the cloud. Individual components assist with issues faced by many companies, including migration, database consolidation, mobility enablement and more.

Database Consolidation

    Safely extends data outside your company firewall, cost-effectively scales legacy data storage capacity, and synchronizes on-premise and cloud storage.

SaaS Enablement

    Moves licensed software to a service model, creating new revenue sources with Web-based subscriptions.

Extended Storage

    Reduces backup and archiving costs, creates elastic storage capacity for digital media, and opens applications and information to mobile and remote workers.

Partner Integration

    Extends data beyond firewalls to partners, customers, and remote employees, facilitating supply chain, logistics, B2B data, and media collaboration.

Mobility Enablement

    Extends intranets to mobile devices, addresses mobile security challenges, and helps you develop a mobility strategy for wireless devices.

Elastic IT

    Flexibly supports resource-intensive "big data" applications, temporary Web sites, and short-duration intensive batch processing.

Global Web Development

    Addresses rapidly-growing traffic, usage spikes, traffic bursts, and always-on applications.

Business Insights

    Transforms data from disparate sources into meaningful insights securely, quickly and with minimal upfront investments, leveraging the DataInsight business intelligence framework.