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January, 27, 2016

Cognizant Acquires KBACE Technologies to Enable Clients to Accelerate Journey to Cloud and Improve Business Agility


The Cognizant Difference

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Our Approach

  • Application Development

    Custom applications using existing and emerging technologies that work well with any software portfolio to meet specific business requirements.
  • Application Maintenance

    Services that help you balance cost, complexity and capacity, resulting in lower cost of ownership, higher service levels and new operational efficiencies.
  • Enterprise Application Integration

    Solutions include application integration, EDI/B2B, Business Activity Monitoring, Business Process Management and SOA.
  • Agile Development

    Whether you need a pilot project or enterprise solution, our Agile developers are skilled in multiple disciplines, from Scrum and Kanban to Daikibo.

Partner Services

Through long-standing partnerships with Microsoft, Oracle and SAP, we help clients do more with their existing software platforms.


Solution Spotlight
Many business sectors, including financial services, are experiencing relentless competition requiring increasingly complex application solutions—often spanning organizational and geographic borders. Our Application Services is the place to start.
Most enterprises will benefit from our global Application Services.


Agile And Lean Transformation: Creating a Foundation for Success
For communications services providers (CSPs), the transformational journey to Agile and Lean methodologies is best accomplished with a focus on four key spheres: individual behavior, institutionalizing change management, team roles and managing governance.
Migration Decoded
As the crucial role of software and data migration rapidly grows with the pace of technology change, consider these 10 key issues for a successful migration, such as assessments, migration approach, use of accelerators, merge strategies, validation and testing and change management.
Elevating the Digital Employee Experience
To address the changing dynamic of a more digitally savvy workforce, HR organizations must tap into advanced analytics and harness 'as a service' delivery models to raise the bar on talent acquisition and development, as well as to inform new employee compensation and collaboration initiatives.
Connected Home Readiness and Maturity Assessment
As communication service providers (CSPs) rapidly move into connected home services markets, assessing their readiness and maturity is crucial; we offer a questionnaire framework to determine CSPs' levels of readiness/maturity along key parameters: segmentation, customer education, organizational capabilities, platform strategy and interoperability.
Legacy Enterprise Systems Modernization: Five Ways of Responding to Market Forces
An evaluative guide to the five ways of responding to the need to modernize legacy enterprise systems: total transformation, gradual replacement, duct‑tape approach, improve existing system or do nothing.
Identifying Key Opinion Leaders Using Social Network Analysis
In the pharmaceuticals industry, locating key opinion leaders (KOLs) is essential — and very difficult — for clinical trials and other assessments. We provide a method and an in‑depth example, of using social network analysis (SNA) to identify these critical players.
Making Multicloud Application Integration More Efficient
With the dramatic, ever-growing increase of companies migrating applications and data to public and private clouds, the integration of cloud and on-premises applications is both absolutely essential and extremely complex. We offer a brief roadmap to establishing a "cloud console" for integrating multicloud environments.
Orchestrating a Supply Chain Competitive Edge
An effective supply chain is the key to creating business value. This paper will help you benchmark your performance today and take a methodical organizational approach to improving your supply chain effectiveness.
The Future of Retail is ‘Here’ and ‘Now’
To remain competitive in today's real-time world, retailers need to more effectively read and respond to consumers' digital fingerprints or Code Halos, to anticipate their preferences and needs and deliver contextually-relevant, timely and inspiring shopping experiences.
The Social Media Mandate for the Hotel Industry
It's time for hospitality companies to harness the power of social media by assessing the suitability of various channels for their ability to increase customer engagement, enhance customer satisfaction and improve retention rates.


  • Large Restaurant Company Enhances Scheduling
  • Global Film Manufacturer Replaces Plant Floor System
  • Better Warehouse Management for a Large Retailer
  • Leading Media and Entertainment Company Slashes Costs

Large Restaurant Company Enhances Scheduling

A $4 billion multi-unit restaurant company needed a better way to manage its scheduling than the existing in-house labor scheduling application provided. We developed a robust scheduling application that allows managers to plan ahead and attain near perfect efficiency in schedule generation.

The application was integrated with the Point of Sale (POS) system, allowing managers to enforce schedules to clock-in screens. Results included reduced labor and overtime costs, improved guest service and greater employee satisfaction. DOWNLOAD PDF

Global Film Manufacturer Replaces Plant Floor System

This company needed to replace an end-of-life film material plant floor system with a more modern system that would be easier to support and maintain. After considering a solution from a leading ERP provider, the manufacturer chose Cognizant to develop a custom solution constructed with Microsoft .Net technologies.

The project took half the time the customer expected and the manufacturer now has the flexibility it needs to better support its own clients.

Better Warehouse Management for a Large Retailer

A U.S. retail giant needed an updated warehouse management system for a smoother flow of warehouse operations and better customer experience. As part of the engagement, we added a comprehensive e-commerce fulfillment capability to its existing warehouse management system. We also implemented REST-based Web services to the database for core business functions and a J2EE backend for new functions.

The revamped system improved productivity and quality output for all involved in the workflow.

Leading Media and Entertainment Company Slashes Costs

To reduce costs, a global music company outsourced the development and maintenance work for its applications, which included SAP Financials and the Oracle 10G database. We took on this task using onsite/offshore development methodology.

The company experienced vastly improved project governance, easier and more effective application support and the flexibility to adjust resources as required. DOWNLOAD PDF

  • Large Restaurant Company Enhances Scheduling
  • Global Film Manufacturer Replaces Plant Floor System
  • Better Warehouse Management for a Large Retailer
  • Leading Media and Entertainment Company Slashes Cost

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